Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hair, Feet, Electricity and Paint

Morning weigh in 126... I probably shouldn't weigh myself daily, but the weight is going in the right direction. Feeling sore from yesterdays UBW. I did several rounds of push-ups and bench dips, just to see how long I could keep them going with short rests between sets.

Today, at some point, I need to do a LBW that doesn't bug the left foot too much, perhaps low weight, high reps for extensions and leg curls on the Bowflex, then a long round of yoga-type stretches.

Other happenings...
I had my hair cut & colored today. I was WAY over due. Grey just isn't my color. My hair should have been tended to weeks ago... It feels good to be back to "normal." My hairdresser was running 30 minutes behind, so I went to the little independent running shoe store in the same strip mall. The owner was a plethora of information. He took a look at my foot and summized that it's probably not PF or tendonitis, but inflamed bursa... I talked to the guy for 30 minutes. It's interesting because he knows most of the people who run the lake route that I also run. Anyway, he said my Asics Gel Nimbus are definitely the best shoe for my foot type, but the added inner-sole that I use may be too cushy, so he suggested something firmer for high arches like mine. He also suggested what I'm already doing (R.I.C.E.) but more often. He didn't try to sell me anything, which was cool, but I bought a pair of double layered socks while I was there.

Michael came home last night with a brilliant idea for rearranging the kitchen at the "new" old house that will give us more room in the 1947 kitchen... We now have updated electricity, grounded outlets, new phone and cable lines through out the house, AND the painting is still in process. It's looking good!

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Donna said...

I'm getting my hair cut and colored on Thursday and I can't wait. Gray is not my best color either.

That 'Chicken Little' kid is not part of the concert tour, only the top 10 are, which I'm glad for.

sister smile said...

Either my grey hasn't started coming in yet, or I'm in severe, severe denial. Your new old house sounds wonderful. Enjoy every moment you spend in it!

FV Tom said...

The Lovely Linda doesn't like her grey hair, either. I've never seen it!

Good deal about the shoe store. I love places like that that will take time with you even if there isn't a big sale involved.

Can't wait to see the new old house updates!

Donna said...

Irene, have you ever had shin splints??? I think I've finally come to the realization that's what I have.

Chérie said...

What a great Jack Sparrow coat. You're a good friend- I hope he paid you!

Irene said...

Some people look fantstic with grey hair... I'm not one of them... I posted on your blog about shin splints.

Sister Smile,
I've had grey hair since age 18, but it was only a couple of hairs in the back...

The shoe store guy was great. No pressure to buy anything. ;)


Irene said...

He said he would take me out to lunch. :)


shpprgrl said...

I've found that my 'grey' hair isnt' even grey. It's this weird witchy color. When I start seeing it, I get nervous and get ready for a touchup! Glad you got all fixed up! That sounds like a great REAL shoe store. I sometimes miss real shoe stores where smart shoe people work. ;) Great new profile pic too!!!