Thursday, July 06, 2006

5K Results


256 IRENE M 1557 47 9/53 F San Diego CA 27:51 8:58

Even though I wasn't going for time, they got my time wrong. I know I crossed the finish line in the 27:40-something range, like 27:48. I also know that the kid just ahead of me crossed well before that and they have him down at 27:48... There were about 400 more people there this year than last year, so perhaps the influx of more runners threw the event coordinators off. Or maybe the timekeepers were off. Who knows... This was not a time chipped run, which is more accurate. Oh well. For someone like me who is doing this run as a recovery event after a marathon, a few seconds isn't a huge deal, but to someone who's working on their personal best it is.

Here's a link to a picture of me sometimes after I had to slow down... The event was the Annual Coronado 5k/15k - 7/4/06. My race number is 1557... Oh, I'm the one in the orangy-peachy, baggy tank top. I look poofy, probably because I was that morning. Rolling Eyes

Other race day stuff:
While waiting for the race to start, I saw (who I thought) was a former college professor... but I wasn't sure. I checked the results to see if it was him, and yes, it was him. He's now 75 years old and carried a 9:11 pace for a 15K. That's awesome. Kewl He did place first in his age group, however, there were only 4 runners in his age group. I hope to be participating in events at 75 years old. Way to go Mr. Robinson!

Eating and food are on track. Weight at 127 this morning. No strenuous cardio but I did go for a 2.5 mile walk.

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Dori said...

Pretty speedy running. Congrat! My goal is to someday do a sub:30 5K.

Donna said...

Great job Irene! I took a look at your pictures too.

KatieFeldmom said...

Great Job!

Miss Fit said...

You did great! You're so inspiring! I won't even tell you what my current time is... blah!

I don't think I see you in the photos...

FV Tom said...

Still waiting for the pics to load but good job with your time.

Did you get to stop off at the Hotel del?

And your former prof - what a stud!

Irene said...

Thanks for visiting! Some of the women in my age group were phenominally fast. I feel fortunate that I can get out there and run.

Thanks. It's weird because I look more exhausted in these pictures than I do in the marathon pictures.


Time is all relative. There are always people way ahead and people will always be behind. The guy who came in first had his average mile in the 5 minute range. Now, THAT'S fast!

Thanks. It was a good way to start the day! No, we didn't stop at the Del. It's on the ocean side of Coronado. The run was on the bay side. I didn't know what had become of that professor. It's good to know he's still running.


Cathy said...

Nice Run Irene, even if the timers were screwy.

I had to search for your photo by bib # but found 3 of ya!

Like some others I'd a sub 30 5K!

Irene said...

Thank you! I tried to post a direct link to the pictures but it didn't work. I do feel good about my time, considering I was gonna walk it if I had to. Thanks, again!


leslie said...

I saw an ad for the inaugural Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon in San Jose on October 8th. Are you thinking of running? The link is

Irene said...

Hi Leslie,
Yes, I am signed up for the SJ half marathon and I already have plane tickets! I'll be running it with my brother... Well, we'll be in the same vicinity. He's speedy!