Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"And it's root, root, root for the home team..."

Baseball 7
Yesterday, as I was pretty much spattered in mud and dirt from the yard, my cousin, who happens to live down the street from the "new" old house, stopped by to see how I was doing. She happened to have two tickets to the Padres VS the Diamondbacks, right behind home plate on the lower level of Petco Park. I hadn't been to Petco Park yet so I accepted the tickets. I cleaned up and went home for a change of clothes... Since Michael was up to his ears in work and couldn't get away, I took my son, Erik. We rode the trolley into Dowtown, just so I wouldn't have to deal with parking. While on the ride, Erik comments that "baseball is such a tedious and boring sport." Whatever... With in a minute of finding my cousin and her friend, and being seated, the Padres scored... Shock 2 I turned to DS and said "Boring?" It was a good game, and being up close behind home plate was "wicked awesome." The Padres won 2-0.Padres

It's back to the "new" old house today and I'm planting my veggie garden CarrotsAND more clean up work, probably the kitchen drawers... I was kind of concerned that I wasn't getting enough calories yesterday, especially protein, but I sort of made up for it at the game... The protein was still lacking and a hot dog and Cracker Jacks at the game probably weren't the best choices.... Carb loading starts tomorrow.



KatieFeldmom said...

Very cool that you got to sit behind home plate. Mmmm, cracker jacks. I love those.

We're coming to San Diego in July, so you'll have to give me some inside info on what to do with a three year old. So far, we are doing Sea World and the Zoo. And we are staying on Shelter Island.

Chérie said...

That is "wicked awesome!" I'm not a big baseball fan (never on TV), but a live game like that can be thrilling.

Have fun carb loading!

FV Tom said...

Awesome way to spend some time. At the ballpark with a dog. And right behind home! My own personal nirvana!

My wife used to think watching live baseball was boring until I taught her to watch all the action in between pitches - umpires are signaling each other, both teams are signaling each other - a whole goes on that most people don't watch for.

*Stepping off my soap box now*

Irene said...

It's the only time I buy Cracker Jacks... Leggoland is a good place to take a 3 year old. I'ts just a little north. I'll think of other places and post those on your blog.

I enjoy baseball but I'm not fanatical. It was fun to be up that close!

We were so close that we could see the facial expressions! We usually sit in the nosebleed section, so being up close and personal was great! We ALMOST saw a no hitter that night... :)