Thursday, June 01, 2006

All Set!

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I spent yesterday at the "new" old house. I spent most of my time gardening... I planted all of my seedlings that I started in 6 packs... I'm gonna have a lot of tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and carrots. Bell peppers, cilantro, rosemary, and habanero chilies are still to come... I thought I sprayed the sunscreen on well enough but I have some sunburn on my neck and the back of my arms...

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Today I made my way to Road Runner Sports and picked up a case of tangerine Powergels, Clif Shots and Clif Shot Blocks. I still couldn't find Accell-gels locally (went to 6 different places) and I waited too long to get them on the net... I did okay with the Clif products, even though they don't have protein. RRS opened a clearance center in the same complex, and I checked that out, too. I found my innersoles for $10. They had my discontinued Asics, but they still weren't marked down enough yet. I bought my last pair on sale and it was much less than the clearance price. Oh well...

Now I'm figuring out a new weight training program, since I won't be running as much, although I am keeping half marathon training in mind, but that's do-able.



Melissa said...

Oh I'm jealous that you have a RRS there! I've only ordered from the magazine, but I love their stuff.

BTW- you've been tagged. Check my blog for info. :)

Angie said...

You are now officially a redneck ;) Haha.

shpprgrl said...

Oh, boy the big day is almost here! I'm going to be gone a few days, but look forward to hearing about it when I get back! Will it jinx you if I say Good Luc*? ha! We said break a leg when I was dancing, not sure about running! See ya!

Irene said...

RRS is always busy! It's good to know that so many people are on the move! Even though RRS is here, I order stuff on line because I have a VIP membership with free shipping -- and with gas being so friggin high, it's cheaper for them to send stuff to me if I can't get out there... It's on the way home from the "new" old house. Good luck with your big run tomorrow!

Hehehehe... "You might be a redneck if..." :)

Ya know, I don't know what they say for runners... My daughter is also a dancer and it's always "break a leg." Hmmmm. Someone should think of something just for runners. Anyway, thanks! Have a great weekend!