Tuesday, May 30, 2006

3 Day Weekend

Three day weekends usually means food fest, and I also had my share of not so great food choices, but much to my amazement, I stepped on the scale today to find that I actually dropped weight... I was expecting to top off at a high weight but I guess keeping busy kept the weight from creeping up. I also suppose not pounding down beer helped keep the weight down.

This was a busy three day weekend... Graduations, paiting the house, heavy duty cleaning, digging, more cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning. There's so much dust and imbedded dirt at the "new" old house... I've decided that painting isn't all it's cracked up to be. I just can't get into the "zone" for wall painting all the same color, plus trim that requires an oil based paint, unless it's a mural or something fun like watercolors... I am so ready to hire a painter... At the rate we're going, the house will be painted by next year. A painter could crank it all out in less than a week.

Michael and I decided to spend the night at the "new" old house. This time we slept well. We even got up early enough to take a short drive to the beach area for breakfast. That was great.

We did have a couple of friends come over to the house -- We barbecued and watch the sunset last night, so that was a nice way to end the weekend.

No scheduled workouts or runs this week, but that doesn't mean I'll totally slacking. I'll be at the house doing more clean up work...

Marathon day on June 4 -- just 5 days shy of my birthday!

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Melissa said...

Enjoy the week of no "planned" runs, I think sometimes it takes some pressure off. Only 5 days for you, 4 for me! Can't wait to share our race info! :) You're going to do so great!

Irene said...

Now it's a matter of counting down the days!!!! You'll be great!