Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Something to keep me focused

On there's a May challenge to run 26.2 miles in a month. There are stipulations to only log in one mile per day, and if you run more miles than that they don't count towards the challenge, PLUS there are rest/recoup days, depending on your schedule. The idea is to push yourself AFTER you've done your workout or regular scheduled cardio and do an extra mile. The exception is people, like me, who are training for a run event or race... I don't need to add the extra mileage to the already long distances I am already doing. Since this is a mini challenge, and I have yet to complete a challenge on PDB, I figured this would be a good one for me to do.

Reality Check:

Today I'm taking a break from running. My feet and calves are actually feeling tired. It's still early, though... I may fit in some other workout.

Things that went right:
*Stocked up on fresh vegetables, chicken breasts, soy cheeses and whole grain bread.
*I've been doing a lot more cooking.

Things that need improvement:
*Stick to the month long challenge on PBD. This is the third challenge I've started with them and I NEED to finish this one. Stuff happens, and I know that's just a lame excuse.

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