Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Week Off

I'm taking a self imposed week off from working out and running, and working on the house. I had a tough time with fatigue over the weekend and pushed myself way too hard to get some things finished. Perhaps it's a flu bug that's been going around, but I just needed stop and listen to what my body is saying...

At the house over this past weekend, we did more yardwork. I actually remembered to bring my camera along and captured one of the zillions of reasons I love the house and the property, even though it needs a tremendous quantity of work... It's the sunsets.

I'm still playing around with the settings and lenses. The picture above was taken with the auto setting with the 17.5-45mm lens.

This is the same vantage point, I switched the setting to "Sunset" and switched to the zoom lens, 40-150mm.

Same zoom lens, zoomed out, set to "Landscape."

Finally, the sun is just about to set! I used the same zoom lens and reset it back to "Sunset."

These are photos were taken facing west from the back porch at the "new" old house, looking towards Mission Bay in San Diego, CA.

I feel blessed.



FV Tom said...

How did you know that I collect sunsets? Those are awesome shots.

And to have those views from your "new" old house, OMIGOSH!

When can we all come down!?!?!?!

Donna said...

You should feel blessed. Can I come for a visit, please, please, please......I'll be good, I promise.

PartTimeMom said...

I really like the last photo. Very pretty.

Miss Fit said...

Beautiful sunset! San Diego is truly a beautiful, beautiful city. Lucky you!

I just read your list of 25 things. It's so fun to learn more about everyone this way. I can't believe you're a grandma! You're a SUPER HOT grandma! We call our grandma Mimi, too. =P

Miss Fit said...

Oh, and I hope you feel better soon. Taking a week off is a great idea!

Angie said...

Your sunset pics are absolutely beautiful!

Irene said...

I have ESP... Or is it ESPN??? Heheheheh... Stop on by any time, as long as you like things in chaos and under construction. Just bring the Coronas. Fireworks go off at 9:50pm. We should have limes ready to go on the new tree soon. ;)

Yes, I do feel blessed, even though we had to fight hard to purchase the property. Ya know, we could have one really great party! Bring your karaeoke machine!

Hi stranger! I caught some of your pictures on your blog! Awesome job! Thanks for visiting. I'm working on composition with the new camera settings and I'm sure I'll have plenty of oportunity to fine tune without relying on photoshop.

Miss Fit,
I'm glad my grandpa decided to retire here. He was a Navy man through and through -- he could have settled down anywhere. Thanks for the nice compliment. Oh, and the rest is already helping.

Thanks! I'm trying to use my camera more just so I can learn how to use all of the features.

FV Tom said...

I'll bring Coronas and some tools to help out!

Irene said...


Chérie said...

So beautiful! And I'm inviting myself to the party.

Listening to your body? Great idea. Except when it tells me to eat sugar.

Irene said...

Cool! The more the merrier!

Ummmmmm, I really listen to my body when it says "MORE CHOCOLATE." Teehee. Hey, it's supposed to be high in antioxidants, right? (Somebody back me up!) ;)