Tuesday, May 02, 2006

26ish minutes????

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Last night right after my mile run (Per PDB's May challenge) a very good friend of ours stopped by. He's running the SDRNR marathon with us next month. He's lost about 20 pounds since last year, and the bulk of the weight came off during marathon training. The only thing is that he's only run 10 miles for his LSD runs and that's not enough training mileage, so he's going to run with us this Saturday. He and Michael will run more mileage than I will, only because this is my recoup week and my miles will be around a 10K distance, they both need to do about 15 miles. We'll see how that goes over....

Also, around 1.5 miles into my run today, I passed by an elderly woman, probably in her late 70's or so, with her little dog, who was across the street from me, a good 50 feet away. She suddenly plopped to the ground, as if she was trying to sit on the curb, but then it became apparent to me that she actually fell. I asked if she was okay and she said she was, and that she didn't need help -- but she didn't get up. I crossed the street to see if she really was okay. She actually had a pretty good scratch on her elbow and couldn't get her bearings to get up. Her dog was really squirmy, a maltese puppy, and wouldn't be still, so she asked me to take the dog's leash. I helped her up and walked with her back to her house, which was only 2 houses away. I kept asking her if she was okay and if she needed any more help, but she kept insisting that she didn't. She didn't seem dizzy or disoriented. I think she just lost her footing trying to step off the curb. She said she was going to go inside and just sit. Then she thanked me for stopping and said she didn't think she would have been able to get up without my help.... I'm going to go back later to see if she's really okay.

Reality Check:
Gotta relax! My chiropractor said I was too tense today...

Things that went right:
*Did my mile run last night in an easy 9 minutes.
*Visited my chiropractor first thing this morning.
*I'm not sure how my pace really was for my run today, since I had to stop, but I felt like I had a decent steady pace going, a little faster than last time. Even with stopping, my 2.5 mile run was around 26 minutes.
*Our friend who visited last night mentioned that he's going to do the San Jose Half Marathon in October. We didn't ask him to do that one or even brought it up, he's hooked and just wants to see what else he can do!

Things that need improvment:
*I need to stretch more. I've been really bad about stretching AFTER my runs... The chiropractor even commented about how tight I was today.
*Go check on Myrtle. I hope she's okay.



FV Tom said...

good job, Good Samaritan. Sure hope Myrtle is OK.

I still shudder when I read about your running. Amazing.

Chérie said...

Aww, you are very kind and considerate. She must have been somewhat disoriented. My grandma has a hard time talking about her falls or even admitting that she has a falling problem.

Donna said...

I hope she is okay. How nice of you to go check on her. Let us know how she is.

Irene said...

Elderly folk don't bounce back so quickly and can get hurt easily from one seeminly small fall. I would hope someone would do the same for me when I am her age. Thanks for suddering? Well, how about thanks for the encouragment! :)

I had to do something... Luckily, she wasn't hurt and just had an elbow scrape.

I didn't ask if she was alone or if someone lived with her, and the neighborhood is really quiet (not a lot of activity or foot traffic - people seem to keep to themselves) that's why I feel like I should go check in on her.



Melissa said...

Good job on the running! I'm also in awe. I have a problem about not stretching enough too. Or sometimes, at all! *GASP*! That's terrible I know, I'll end up injuring myself.

Irene said...

Thanks... I used to be reallly good about stretching out... but I've sort of been slacking in that department!

Cathy said...

If everyone was like you the world would be a much better place. You are simply terrific!

Irene said...

Thanks Cathy!