Friday, May 12, 2006

Something for the free day...

I found this recipe on Bisous' blog. I haven't made this cookie recipe yet but there's a little voice inside my head that's telling me that this weekend would be a good time to have some of these cookies! Any cookie recipe using Rolos has got to be yummy!
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Chocolate Caramel Cookies

2.5 cups flour
3/4 cup cocoa (unsweetened)
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup sugar
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 cup butter, softened
2 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
30-40 Rolos, depending on how many cookies you make.

-Heat oven to 375
-Mix dry ingredients in medium bowl
-In large bowl beat sugar and butter, add vanilla and eggs, beat well
-Add flour mixture and beat just until mixed
- Shape enough dough to cover 1 rolo well
- Place on ungreased cookie sheet, and bake 7-10 minutes or until slightly cracked.
- Cool on cookie sheet 5-7 minutes, then remove and cool completely on wire rack. Makes around 40 cookies.

She mentioned using Hershey's Treasures because the store didn't have Rolos, and they still turned out yummy.

On the fitness front: (oh yeah, remember that?) I am planning my 20 miler for tomorrow.



FV Tom said...

I LOVE ROLOS! Those look like pretty good cookies. I'll need a report!

Hope your 20 miler went well.

Thanks for reminding me that I've got to get to the gym.

And Logan is adorable. Chases bees? That's funny.

Irene said...

I still have to make my way to a store to buy Rolos, then let the magic begin!

I know of dogs that chase birds, cars, cats, rodents, but it's kind of funny to see my dog go after the bees. It would be so cool if she could run with me but she's gotta stop bark at every flying object she sees...

Have a great weekend!

shpprgrl said...

Oh boy! If I make these, then I will probably eat the WHOLE thing.... They sound great!

Irene said...

They are great! Mmmmmmmm!