Sunday, May 14, 2006

Time To Taper!

Last week was an off week, but the break did me good. We're STILL passing around some sort of flu bug here and we're not getting it at the same time. I just hope that was all I have to deal with and I'll be fine from here on out. Little Evan was feeling "off" over the weekend. He sure was cranky.

The weird thing about last week was my body fat percentages dropped on both my Ormon and Tanita. Perhaps it's because I didn't workout or run and didn't need the extra carbs, which is just a guess. My weight stayed the same.

Reality Check:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It's taper time! I am so very much looking forward to this mileage taper and change of routine.

Things that went right:
*I'm feeling better.
*I did my LSD run on Saturday - just a little shy of 20 miles.
*Michael gave me a women's sized Ironman watch for Mother's Day.
*The cookie recipe that I posted a couple of days ago is downright sinful! OMG... It's definetly something for the free day or PMS... Which ever comes first...

Things that need improvement:
*Plan out the next three weeks workouts and running.
*Pay close attention to my carb intake. I don't need as much these next three weeks.
*The reason Michael gave me the watch for Mother's Day is because he lost the other Ironman watch. He says it's in the house SOMEWHERE but he doesn't know where he put it...
*My animals also gave me Mother's Day presents... I can't begin to tell you how it felt to find a dead rabbit, bird and mouse on the floor by MY side of the bed on Sunday morning. I'm the luckiest mom ever...


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FV Tom said...

Hi there. Glad your day was good.

That's too funny that your animals even brought presents!

I know very little about running. What is meant by tapering?

Irene said...

Hi Tom!
My animals REALLY love me! :)

I've been doing a 20 week training stint for this marathon. I've been slowly building up my weekly milage until I reach around 20 miles, then two to three weeks before the marathon the mileage is backed off or "tapered" so that I can recoup from that super long 20 mile run and be refreshed and ready by the time marathon day arrives. In the taper weeks I'll do less running and more cross training.

shpprgrl said...

Wow, when the other watch is found, then you'll have two!

Here's your letter: G

If you don't like that one, choose another, there's nothing scientific about how it was! Have fun!

Irene said...

Here I go! G....