Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dog day afternoon...

I went outside intending to snap some progress photos of my seedlings. Instead, I was just about knocked over by my dog, Logan, a German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix. My dog does all of the typical dog stuff, like chase tennis balls, dig holes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAWN and buries her favorite toy, Booda. (Booda gets all nice and seasoned, Logan unburies it later THEN walk in the house doing her "I'm so happy" strut, and plops Booda in the middle of my just washed kitchen floor.) Her "different" thing that she does is chase bees. I have a some sage and salvia growing in my current backyard and that's where those pesky bees are. I'm surprised she hasn't been stung yet... She even barks at the bees, especially when she can't bite one, which is 99% of the time.

Oh yeah, here's a progress photo of my seedlings. I have corn, carrots, yellow squash, poppies, and tomatoes started. I tried to grow bok choy but it never germinated.

My son is taking a black and white photography class at the JC. I am extremely impressed with how much technique he has picked up in just a semester. He's just gone full on with some amazing photos. I'll post some of his photos after the semester ends. I still won't let him borrow my newest camera, though. That's MY PRECIOUS!


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