Thursday, May 18, 2006

Look at my Ford!

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I had date night with Michael last night. We went to the little fish place up the street, where most of their staff knows us. We had a new server, and all was well, some what uneventful, but that's good. Right as we were finishing we hear this voice in the distance say " I saw you on TV!" It was one of the staff who usually waits our table. She saw Michael on the news, all of his 15 seconds. It was too funny.

Reality check:
Nothing says "good morning" better than a 2 1/2 year old grandson in my face, at 5:45 AM saying "Good morning, Mimi! Look at my Ford!" (His favorite toy is a red remote control Ford monster truck -- he even sleeps with it!)

Things that went right:
*I did an about an hour of yoga -- Rodney's Yee's Power Yoga - Total Body.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*I got up an hour earlier today, thanks to DGS.

Things that need improvement:

*I need to unplug the phone when I do yoga at home, just so I can make it though without any interruptions...
*I still can't do some of the yoga poses without falling over
*Start sanding the floors at the "new" old house...

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David said...

Save the floor sanding for June 3 or your chiropractor will be working overtime to get you straight for the race.

Irene said...

Hi David,
Thanks for visiting. Floor sanding - It'll happen soon enough AFTER the marathon... There's a lot of floors to do though... :)

Chérie said...

Such a cute Mimi story! Except for the being woke up part. I'd put that under "needs improvement." You need your sleep!

Irene said...

I need to wake up earlier, though. The marathon starts at 6:30 AM and I need to be up and ready to go before 5AM... It was a nice way to wake up, though, because he's so friggin cute!