Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Almost as good as new...

I'm feeling a little better now. Resting for a couple of days did help, but I'm trying not to go overboard today because there's always so much to do. I did go out to the "new" old house today to check mail and do some light gardening. Since my son and I already dug up and tilled yet another planter area next to the house, it was ready for plants, so all I had to do was dig holes for the plants, which was easy. I planted a Spanish lavender and what I had left of the dianthus. I need to buy more mulch OR just figure an obcure out spot in the yard to make my own, but I'm not ready for that yet.

Since I left the camera at home, I "dug up" these Spanish lavender photos from the internet.

It feels weird taking a week off from any sort of workout or running, but I really needed it. I'm still debating on if I should do my scheduled 20 miler on Saturday... It depends on how I feel. Just for $#its and giggles, I weighed myself on my Tanita scale that also gives a body fat percentage number. On the Tanita, it's consistently up to a good 6% on the high side, and it usually gives me numbers anywhere between 24% to 30%. In reality, the number is probably more like 20% to 22%. For the past three days (since I've been sick) it's been measuring at 19% and 20%. Hmmmmm. I also have an Ormon hand held device, which has been a little more consistent, and has been giving me average readings of about 21%, 22%, so I checked my readings on that, too, and it came in at 19%. I'm not sure what to think, other than not carb loading has brought my body fat percentage number down. The funny thing is that my weight has stayed the same. I just find it strange that the Tanita number is so low. My PT friend say I should take a peek at caliper readings, and that he'd do that for me. I just need to get the calipers.

It has been fun reading everyone's 25's. I'm amazed how many people think their list is boring, but I don't think anyone's list is boring, in fact, I've learned a lot about my blogger buddies and little bits about their journey through life. It makes everyone more "real" in that we're just not words on the computer, but that we've had all different and similar kinds of life experiences. Perhaps I'll post another 25 later on, as others have done.



FV Tom said...

Hi there.

Glad to hear you're doing a bit better.

Don't think I've seen Spanish Lavender. It's beautiful.

be good!

Irene said...

Hi Tom!

Spanish lavender is usually a background plant. You've probably seen it mixed in with other landscaping, especially here in So. Ca. It's easy to grow. I like to plant things I know I won't kill. :)

shpprgrl said...

Hey, did you have a post about a tree that was an unknown? If you did, what was it? I have a horrid memory past stuff that happened yesterday.

Hey, I see my link! Wow. I have none yet. I have to figure that one! But when I do, you'll be there.

Irene said...

I have the same kind of memory... Out of sight, out of mind... I did post a while back about an orchid tree, but I'll have to look back to see if there was an unknown. Hmmmm.

It took me a good LONG time to figure out how to add links and other things. Computers was not a part of any school curriculum when I was attending, even at the college level. I have no good excuse, though... Thanks for stopping by!