Thursday, May 25, 2006


Reality Check:
10 days left until the marathon... I haven't run in about a week... This is not the way I wanted to handle my taper but, perhaps, it will be better this way. This cold is "running" its course and the foot is less sore, plus one room is just about finished being painted, so there are some good things to down-time.

Things that went right:
*Down time to recoup.
*Everyone is starting to feel better.
*One room painted!
*I put new innersoles in my running shoes. The old ones already broke down and were amazingly compressed when compared to the new ones... (I always put a different inner sole for high arches in my running shoes.)

Things that need improvement:
*I'm feeling a little "guilty" for not getting the taper runs in... I do realize this down time may keep me from getting injured on M day.
*Set up a time for the window mfg to come out to the "new" old house... The old windows are falling apart.
*My weight is slightly up. As long as I don't hit 130, then I will be okay.
*Make a plan of action for workouts after the marathon.
*Sign up for the Coronado 4th of July 5K we always participate in.

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Miss Fit said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. The rest is probably just what you need. When I did my marathon, my taper runs didn't go exactly as planned and things turned out fine. =P

Donna said...

I hope all goes well for M day. Glad to hear that you're getting better.

Chérie said...

The countdown! I'm sure everything will go well, you are prepared even without the tapering.

About the paint- I'm sure the green is lovely. I like minty.

Irene said...

Last year I did everything by the book, but I had knee issues. This year I sort of followed plan but not like last year, and things are working out fine. I think the rest has been a good thing. Thanks for your encouragment. :)

It's like being a little kid waiting for Christmas. We're all getting better. Yay! Thanks.

Thanks. In the big picture, I'm prepared... There's a little anxiety that always creeps in, no matter what, even if it's a shorter distance... I do like the color of the room. It will go with everything I already have. I was just really bored with white.