Monday, May 01, 2006

It's May!

After my run on Saturday, I was basically done for the day. Michael didn't run with me because he had something already prescheduled, but he did take care of me and indulged me with my "free" meal of the low carb $6 burger from Carl's Junior (same as Hardee's) and a bar of bittersweet dark chocolate.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting DH spent the rest of his day with his mom, and both of my kids were out for the day. Sunday was all about visiting Lowes, since we received a 10% off coupon, and bought interior paint for the new "old" house, plus bought more dianthus, mulch, and painting supplies... We spent the rest of our time on Sunday digging up the dirt and will probably start painting this week, and that's a whole other workout.

Reality Check:
Just DOMS!

Things that went right:
*Nutrition is super clean.
*I did 3 sets of upper body circuits with medium tension resistance bands - high reps.
*Some of the seeds I planted in egg cartons and old bedding containers are starting to sprout!
*My "Stairway to Heaven" roses are blooming.
*It's another beautiful day.

Things that need improvement:
*Stock up on Powergels and Accelgels... I'm down to about 10 total.
*I need to spend more time stretching out after my runs. I do stretch but I probably should do more.


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