Saturday, May 20, 2006

Growing the "Stairway to Heaven."

These roses are actually called "Stairway to Heaven." On one single stem grew a cluster of about 12 roses, so it looks as if I went "Martha Stewart" on the floral arranging.

My left foot is still somewhat sore, but it's not that bad. Michael and I went for a 2.5 mile walk this morning. I will get some runs in before the marathon, I just don't want to aggravate the foot and cause more issues. I think it will be fine.

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Chérie said...

Just popped in to print out the cookie recipe! I bought Rolos and Snickers Minis this afternoon, so I'll let you know how they compare.

Gorgeous roses. Hope you found something to wear tonight. I've got the same problem with a Michael (good at bringing junk into the house).

Chérie said...

Definitely Rolos. Much better caramel to cookie ratio. There's too much going on with the Snickers minis, all the nougat and nuts and not enough caramel.

Angie said...

You've really got a knack for this photography thing Irene. Not to mention a superb green thumb. Beautiful pic!

Irene said...

Good to know about the Snickers experiment... Afterall, it was all for science... :) Glad to hear the Rolos version turned out! Yum! I love roses. When we make the big move to the other house, I am going to dig up most of the roses and take them with me.

Awwww shucks! Thanks. Both photography and gardening are things I really enjoy. They're both still a work in progress.


shpprgrl said...

Looks like it came from a high dollar flower shop! Gorgeous!

Irene said...

Thanks Shpprgrl!