Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's Not Unusual

Distance - 6.45 miles
Time - 1:04:44
Speed - 5.98 mph
Pace - 10:02 min/mile
Calories 614

I'm feeling pretty happy with my run today. I got up a little too late to run at the bay, as it gets very busy with tourists, people having parties, and people enjoying the sunny weekend at the bay, so I went to the lake in the old neighborhood, which was rather quiet. I was feeling like some asthma (ass-ma , bleh!) was going to come on, which is so frustrating, especially when my legs feel good. I controlled my breathing and tried to keep an even pace when I could. My average run time at the lake is usually in the 1:06 range, so to see it under that was a nice surprise. I'd actually like to see it under an hour on a consistent basis, and I suppose that's something to work up to.

After my run, I made my way to the mall to look for an arm band for my cell phone. Much to my surprise, I had a hard time finding one. They had a zillion armbands for the Ipod Nano. I did find something close at one of the Kiosks that sells cell phone accessories, but it was on the cheesy side and almost $50...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I wandered into Sports Chalet and they had a generic neoprene arm band for mp3 players that happened to fit my phone for $6.99.
When I run in my neighborhood, I really don't need a hydration pack/belt or much gear because it's usually between a 2 and 3 mile run, but I need to carry my cell phone. The cheapie mini-fanny pack I have kinda moves around too much because there's very little to weigh it down. Now, I can try out the mp3 player feature on my cell phone while using the GPS wireless run tracker.

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chantal2bfit said...

Your training runs continue to amaze me! And the hill work from your previous post...WOWZA!!!

That's great about the armband. I have one for my phone that I got at Target for $5.

shoparound said...

Now, that is a useful thing. You know me, I'm imagining using it while shopping! ;) My new cell has an mp3 player too but I haven't figured out how to use it!

Tom Jones?

Pamela said...

Look at you & all your fancy gadgets ~! Niccee!

Dori said...

It pays to shop around. I carry my cell phone on runs, too. I usually have my water belt and bought a pouch that fits onto the belt. I save the arm for the iPod. :-)

Irene said...

Target was the first place I looked, but they didn't have anything. :( They were sold out of what ever they happened to carry. Hills... I guess there's always something to improve upon.

Or do you prefer Shoparound? Shppr? Any way, Winner!

Troy on the Blends forum said something about looking like a Power Ranger. Teehee. I've received a lot of my gadgets from my family for birthdays and Christmas. Just call me "gadget girl." LOL.

I'll mostly use the armband for working out and shorter runs where I don't need to have so much stuff. $6.99 was a deal.