Thursday, April 19, 2007


Light Upper Body Workout - circuits - Biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest.

I drove the marathon route with a friend, with the live tracker on my phone today for Bones In Motion. There were only a couple of dead spots at about mile 2, but that's because another company has their transmission towers and buildings near there. I was glad to have my friend with me because he knows downtown, and there were a few street closures because of the Padre's game at Petco Park. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI would have gone in circles. I also couldn't get all the way into MCRD because they were having a graduation and the grandstand area was not accessible. It was fun, though, sort of reliving the marathon, but by car. My friend took pictures as we drove. I'll post those once he send them to me. Oh yeah... My compensation is a $50 gift certificate at RRS and a Bones In Motion race t. Not too bad!

My sister will be in town today, through Sunday, and my brother gets here on Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing my siblings. The 5k race is this Sunday, and my brother is joining me for that.



barbie2be said...

ok, my first thought woulf be the cars, but then there is also incubus so... ?!?

cool, another tee shirt for your collection!

KatieFeldmom said...

There's also Alan Jackson, I think. Without googling, I think that's the title of one of his songs.

barbie2be said...

in order to give someone else a chance to answer i am going to take a break for the weekend. :) i have to be in san francisco doing my wedding coordinator chores at a friends wedding.

Dori said...

That's pretty cool! You can use the money to get a new outfit to wear at the marathon. I always like to have something new to wear for a big race. My sister is going to walk the RNR marathon with some friends. It's the first time she's done anything like this. I'll be in Europe at that time, so unfortunately I won't be able to follow her on the wireless tracker.

zooman said...

This post looks eerily familiar,lol. Dropping by to say hi. Hope you have a great weekend and are getting prepared for the next big run.

Irene said...

There's a ton of people who do the song, so I'll giv you props for Incubus! Winner!

I'll give it to you for Alan Jackson! Winner!

I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for yet. So many choices! That's cool that your sister has the wireless run tracker feature with live tracking on her cell phone, too. If you can get computer access in Europe, you can follow her that way, live and on line. Europe? How nice! Someday I'll get there, too!

Yeah, deja vu... LOL... Thanks for visiting and saying hello!