Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good Day

Today's workout was high reps/low weights UBW circuits and abs to failure. Yoga stretches finished the workout.

All's I have to say about today is "calf DOMS." Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Four run events down now for my goal of one event each month for this year. Now I have to come up with something for May. There's the Union Tribune 8K Race for Literacy on May 6 that I'm considering. There's also a kids event the day before. It would be fun to enter DGS in the 3 and under race. We'll see. My brother is pushing for me to join him for the Bay To Breakers 12K event in San Francisco on May 20. I'm not sure about that one because it's during my taper for the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon, which is heavy on my mind at the moment. I have up to the day of the race (for B2B) to decide if I want to run it, but I would need to figure in air fare. Decisions, decisions.

Dori (She Do Run Run) had asked me about the hills between miles 7 and 10 of the SDRNR Marathon. This is what the elevation chart shows:

It look scarier on this elevation chart than it actually is, well, at least for me, since I live in a neighborhood with killer hills... The incline seemed gradual. I know some people thought it was tough. Personally, it was the little ramps that went over roads between miles 19 and 24, because I was super tired by then, and I was amongst the walking wounded... I hope to make it to the end, running the whole way, not walking, even if it is slow run. I still have work to do.


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KatieFeldmom said...

I swear, you have the coolest gadgets!!!!! That hill picture is frickin neat.

My friend Keith is running the Bay to Breakers again. I think it will be his 10th. He asked me to join him, but hello, I had just done only a 5K ... doubtful I could do a 12K.

Pamela said...

yep ...neato is right posting the elavation chart like that...the peace thingy is making me dizzy tho~! ~lol~
Like the idea of doing a run every month..:)

barbie2be said...

the click five?

i was going to do my first bay to breakers but it's just 2 days before i leave for my trip to LA so i can't. :(

Lily T said...

Wow! That's a whole lot of hills ...and a whole lot of running.

Anne said...

I agree that the elevations doesn't seem as bad on the course, provided you do hills regularly.

I'm doing the Race for Literacy with a bunch of friends. We're unofficially Team Alpha and we're each decorating shirts for a letter of the alphabet. We still need more people, so maybe you and the hubby might want to join us? I'm planning to run slowly and just have fun. The course looks like a good one for "sightseeing."

Anyway, if you think you might be interested (this is a very, very low-key group), I'll put you in touch with Mary Sue, the team coordinator. You'd like her!

Irene said...

You can run the first 5k then walk the rest. A lot of people just walk B2B. I got the elevation graph off of the SDRNR website. ;)

The hill - It looks worse on the graph than it is in real life. :)

There's always next year for B2B! Keep guessing! It's a female artist...

Thanks for visiting! Yes and yes!!!

I'll be in touch. It looks like we're going to do the 8k. :)

barbie2be said...

oh duh! jewel?

Irene said...

You're good! Winner!