Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm taking the rest of the week off from running or workout out.

I had my chiropractor's appointment yesterday. The first thing out of his mouth was "Did you run at La Jolla on Sunday?" He was out at the shores on Sunday surfing and saw the runners go by while waiting on a wave...

I felt pretty good after my appointment, but soon after - while grocery shopping, I had a pounding headache that came on with a vengeance. It's a sinus thing. I haven't had sinus problems in a long time, so this took me by surprise. Once I got home, I took an OTC daytime sinus medication, which I haven't needed to take in ages. The weird thing is that my headache went away for four hours but then my knees ached for 4 hours. I never associated my stabbing knee pain with OTC sinus meds before. Time for more unscientific research. Usually the sinus thing means a trip to the doctors office for antibiotics. I'm procrastinating. Then the knees hurting again. Sheesh. It's a good week to take off from all things physcial.

The photos from the 5k are in. Go to THIS SITE and type in my bib number 5614.

Here's a pre-race photo from the parking lot at my hubbie's office:

From left to right: My brother, sister, me, and my hubbie. Yeah, we're still waking up.



NotSoccer Mom said...

perhaps you should call your chiro! 'cuz you know, everything's connected to the spine. hope you're feeling better and SOON!

KatieFeldmom said...

Great photos!!!
Hope your sinuses feel better soon.
Take care.

barbie2be said...

welcome to my world, irene. :(

peter gabriel. and is it my imagination or does the lead singer from blue october sounds like a young peter gabriel?

Miss Rachel said...

Maybe the pain is moving out of your body and will eventually go out your toes - ? Well, it's a thought... ;-) I hope you feel better soon.

(P.S. Can you please tell me what "DOMS" means? I always though DOM stood for Dirty Old Man, although I'm sure that's not what it means when you mention it in your blog.)

Pamela said...

Love the pic of you all together! I know I've said it before but .. what a COOL thing! barbie got the song.. phooey !
Hope you'r feeling better soon!

Irene said...

NSM - Thanks. And I did. ;)

Katie - It was a rare moment! Thanks.

Barbie2be - Ahhhhhhhh! I thought this stuff was behind me! It's baaaaaack! Good going! Peter Gabriel's the guy!

I don't know... I was well for sooooo long. DOMS is delayed onset muscle soreness. ;) LOL@ dirty old men!

You've gotta get up pretty early to beat Barbie!