Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rockin' On Top Of The World

Activity - Run
Distance - 2.86 miles
Time - 30:12
Speed - 5.69 mph
Pace - 10:33 min/mile
Calories - 272

Today's goal was to run at least 2 miles in the neighborhood. While running, I decided to take on the hill. It's still a challenge and I couldn't even muster light jog, so I did a fast paced walk with long strides. Once I made it to the top, it was breathtaking, not because I was out of breath, but it's a gorgeous day, and from the top of that hill I could see out past Mission Bay and to the Ocean. On the way down, I noticed a sign that said "16% grade." Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI walked down at a decent, but cautious pace because there was little to no traction on the sidewalks, even with my running shoes, and if I tripped and fell there would be nothing to stop me from rolling to the bottom of the hill...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Someone in our neighborhood told me that the Marines use that hill for training...


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Miss Rachel said...

Go Irene!!! :-)

Anne said...

I know that hill and I am so impressed. Yeah, I'd cruise down easily too. Can only imagine the view from the top. Yea for Irene!

Irene said...

Thanks Rachel!

I took a look at the hills you did at the El Cajon 20K... Holy smokes! Thanks for the encouragment. ;)

barbie2be said...

steven tyler?

yay for you! i hate hills. :(

Dori said...

Go Marines. Go Irene! 16%? There's a 9% grade hill near me and I think that's tough.

Irene said...

Aerosmith, Steven Tyler - It's all good! Winner! My sort of goal is to be able to run up and down that hill more than once at a time.

It's quite vertical. It's like doing stairs, and it looks like you have a hill like that in your part of the world. When we did the San Jose Half Marathon last year I was amused when we went down under freeway over passes, then back up, and people complained about that being a hill. What hill??? That's where I was able to pass them up.