Thursday, April 05, 2007


LBW today, leg extension and leg curls. High reps, low weights.

I was *just* interviewed by a writer from Runner's World Magazine! On the Complete Running Network site they had asked about running in an event with pain, and how we dealt with the pain or if we dropped out. I put in a little blurb about my first marathon (2005) and running with the stabbing pain arthritis at mile 18... The writer called me and asked me questions about this "pain" for an article she's writiing that will go out in one of the fall issues. It's not absolutely certain that she'll use my information, but it was cool that she interviewed me.

About the tie-dyed shirt...
Here's a link that talks about Sue Krenn, the lady who the race is in memory of. Here's a blurb about the shirt from the San Diego Track Cub website:

The race t-shirt for the Sue Krenn 15K race has a silhouette of Sue on the front and a "No Wussies" symbol on the back. Dr. Goforth remembers when Sue would use the term "wussie" - "It was a comment she used when someone may say something about the workout suggesting fatigue or disappointment with the conditions (i.e.,wind or rain)”. She would say "come on ... don't be a wussie!" Hal was the race director for the Sue Krenn 15K for ten years and it was Hal who put the word "WUSSIE" on the race t-shirt inside a circle with a diagonal line through it. One year, the day of the Sue Krenn 15k race was one of stiff winds and rain, and Donna Gookin said to Hal, "Sue is looking down on us and saying, "Come on … don't be wussies."


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leslie said...

How cool! Wow!

leslie said...

P.S. Having never run a marathon, I can't imagine even running that far, not to mention dealing with pain from mile 18 on. You? Definitely not a wussie!

Anne said...

Go Irene. I hope you make the cut and we all get to read about you in the fall. I'm sure you made a great interview.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Too Cool! Hope you make the cut.

Irene said...

It was kinda cool doing the interview. She wanted to know specifics about THAT marathon, and what my mind set was. Since it's not fresh in my head, I felt like I kinda got off topic a few times... We'll see what happens. As far as finishing, I was glad I finished, but it takes a really strong person to know when to say "this is enough" and be okay with a DNF. Oh well.

That's very kind of you to say. :) It's kind of weird being interviewed.

We'll see what happens!