Saturday, April 14, 2007

Running On Empty

Distance 18 miles
Time 3:41:36

mile min/mi
1 10' 20
2 10' 38
3 11' 15
4 11' 25
5 11' 23
6 11' 40
7 11' 37
8 11' 29
9 10' 41
10 12' 42
11 11' 33
12 11' 27
13 12' 00
14 12' 52
15 12' 26
16 17' 05
17 18' 55
18 11' 34

Per my splits, I was doing great for the first 9 miles. (I even ran past a large group participating in a triathlon! - Had to stop and yield the right-of-way a few times for them... Didn't want to get in the way.) Felt strong but didn't want to push it to conserve energy for the next 9 miles. Bathroom break around mile 10, therefore the slower average mile, but I started to recoup that time (a litte) into miles 11 & 12. I thought I would be okay with the Accel-gels I had, but I really needed the Powergels with caffiene. My butt/hamstrings started cramping up halfway thorugh mile 13. Hung on until mile 16 and HAD TO WALK. UGH! It was at that time my "night in shining armour" called me and asked me where I was and if I needed anything. He met me half way through mile 16 and gave me a caffinated Powergel which helped almost immediately, but I walked mile 17 until the cramping completely subsided and decided I could run the last mile. I also used the new shoes. My feet are great and there were no knee issues.

Time for an ice bath. I am toast.

Have a great weekend.

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Anne said...

I could have used an ice bath today too. Nice splits, even with that bathroom break and triathlon right-of-way. Both are some of the "benefits" of running on Mission Bay.

Anonymous said...

jackson browne!

i have a feeling i am going to need an ice bath (or something) by tomorrow night. i have to go in for a colonoscopy on monday and therefore have to do bowel prep tomorrow. ICK!

barbie2be said...

DOH! that was me above. i thought i was signed in. :(

Pamela said...

OH dear for Barbie...hope that goes well....
As to YOU dear...HOLY I'd be on Ice...*period* doing something like that!

WADDLER26.2 said...

I tried the powergel yesterday on my long run--what a difference. They really helped and my stomach felt better than with GU.

Irene said...

I would have stayed on Fiesta Island for the entire run, but after the tri they opened it back up to car traffic, and it suddenly became very busy and not as safe. Luckily, Mission Bay Park wasn't too busy and there were plenty of people out doing their long slow distance runs, so that was nice to be in good company. Yes, the ice and cold shower was actually nice.

Anonymous, I mean Barbie2be,
LOL... Winner! I need to get one of those done, too... But it's all for the sake of prevention, right? Good times...

Ice is nice!!!!!!!!!

I use Accel Gels for the end of a long run because they contain protein. It's the rest of the run that I like the Powergels. I do okay with those. Looks like you had a fantastic run this weekend, as well! I think you'll be ready for your Flying Pig Marathon!

KatieFeldmom said...

WOW! Way to go!!! You did it!!!!!

Irene said...

Thanks Katie!