Friday, April 27, 2007

Words Get In The Way

Dear young, trying to be hip, Freshman College student guy, sitting in row F, seat 8 at the Performing Arts Center:

I know you're out with your friends. You appear to be the boy next door, and maybe you're a nice kid, but you are so difficult to sit behind. I understand that there's the need to convey to each girl sitting next to you something important during my daughter's college ballet class performance, but my neck is getting tired from trying to see around you each time you move your head from the right to the left. Just because the music in the center is loud, I can still hear everything you are saying. Yes, the dancers costumes are "fabulous." Tell your "girlfriend" on your right that her red high heeled shoes are cute, especially with her black and white dress, but it's not so cute when her feet are up on the chair in front of her and her legs are not crossed, if you get my drift. And don't forget to tell the "girlfriend" seated on your left that her phone calls can wait until after the performance and that she doesn't need to sing all the lyrics to "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence while the modern dance class is performing. Amy Lee does just fine on the original recording...

I truly wish you all the best and that the people seated in front of you don't ruin your show.

The person sitting behind you in row G, seat 9.

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leslie said...

Well said, my friend!

Bre said...

Ugh. Those guys are awful!

JustRun said...

Since when do people not realize if you're watching something, you don't have to talk. I can barely go to the movies any more for that same reason.

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Miss Rachel said...

ARGH - isn't it well known that this kind of behavior annoys everyone? It's the subject of countless jokes and advice columns. Why don't people get it?

Irene said...

Some people are clueless.

Thanks for visiting! Yeah, they were on the obnoxious side...

The cell phone thing blew my mind, even though the theater made an annoucment to shut off cell phones before the performance. Thanks for visiting!

It is frustrating. Some people just assume that their actions don't affect anyone else around them.

barbie2be said...

gloria estefan!

what is it with young adults today? if you want to socialize DON'T go to a theater performance. that is so rude. you should have smacked him upside his head.

Dori said...

Unfortunately, it's not just kids. I'm sorry your daughter's recital was ruined for you. I feel within my right to request that people not talk during a performance, whether it's classical music or a play. I've only had one person take offense. Not that I cared.

Irene said...

Winner! Wooohooo! Like Dori said, it's not just young adults. And yes, I did feel like smacking him upside the head.

I was still able to see my daughter perform, it was just challenging. She did beautifllly and looked happy. People just don't think.