Friday, April 13, 2007

Let's Get It Started

No workout today. I've been carb-loading so my weight is up a good 7 pounds. I need to get in at least 18 miles tomorrow morning. I also need to visit the Vitamin Shoppe for gels. RRS didn't have the flavor I use when I was there last.

I stole this next item from someone else...
Something fun:
Go to and click on "get directions". Enter New York in the "from" text box and London in the "to" text box. Check out step #23. Haha!



Pamela said...

Geees I wish I could just say *pooof* I'm gonna put on a Few extra lbs...just for FUN!
yes I know .. for & with you it's a TOTALLY different thing... there is NO way that I are running ..well period.. let alone 18 miles! Sooooo no need for carb loading!
anywho.. again Good on you ~!

Pamela said...

Ps ! the song is by the Black Eyed Peas.. & I just did the Map thing
Bahahaha ...yea ok I'll get right on that !

barbie2be said...

black eyed peas... hehehehehe! i love that swim 3248 miles. :)

i've been carb loading thanks to the steroids i have been taking for the past two months for my sinuses. :( i am up almost 30 lbs. i could kill my allergist.

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Irene said...

It's still hard, mentally, to see the weight suddenly spike up. It takes a day or two after the run for it to go back down all the way.

Pamela already got it... The steriods thing... My niece went through the same thing. It helped her asthma but she also had the weight issue. Frustrating.