Sunday, April 22, 2007

Morning Dance

La Jolla Shores 5k Run

Irene 47 San Diego CA 5614 F_45-49 8/33 8:37 clock 28:00:00 chip 26:47:00

Hubbie, brother, sister and I ran in the La Jolla Shores 5K this morning. We started at the top of a hill at UCSD, and ran DOWN HILL about a mile to La Jolla shores (where I met my hubbie a zillion years ago) which is right on the coast, ran about another mile which was sort of flat, then back UP HILL. Ugh! The hill was tough and my mind was telling me to follow the lady with the red hair in front of me, because if she could hoof it up this hill, I could too, and she was working hard. My lungs were having a whole different conversation... They wanted me to walk. It was tough. I couldn't imagine how the half marathoners felt on that hill. The ending part of the race was all down hill until the finish line was in view, then it was flat and I did an all out sprint and passed up two very tall guys who kept passing me up through out the run. I turned on my wireless run tracker too soon and I forgot to turn it off right away, which gave me time of 28:16, so I was thinking I finished in about 28:00, maybe 27:50. After checking the on line results, I've finished in 26:47 - chip time. I haven't seen a 5k time like that in months. My last 5k was about 28 minutes. Granted, I'm not the speediest person, as my brother smoked it and finished in just a little over 22 minutes (and came in 4th in his age group.) I'm really happy with my finish time. The half marathon that was going on at the same time has more hills and I wasn't ready for it. I was impressed watching some of them finish -- I need more hill training. Maybe next year... This 5k was the first time I had run in an event with my two siblings AND it was my sister's very first 5k event. I'm so proud of her for running today.

My family had a nice visit. We had to take care of some paperwork, which is why everyone came here, but it was fun going on the run, and it was good for my dad to have us all together.



havlow said...

Great job on the 5k. I'm still training for my first 5k...well in reality I'm still trying to run for more than 10 minutes straight!! 22 minutes from your brother's run? That's insane!!

Btw I think the song in your title is from the band Spyro Gyra...but I'm probably wrong!!

Irene said...

It's good to see you back at the the Blends forum. Thanks for stopping by. I didn't think anyone would get Spyro Gyra. I'm impressed! Winner!

Evelyne said...

Whoo-hoo!!! COngrats on your time! That's wonderful!

chantal2bfit said...

Dang girl! You're a speedy one! WTG!!!

Anne said...

Man, you must have been bookin' up that hill to finish with such a fast time! That must have been so wonderful to do it with family. I'm so proud of you, Irene!!

Pamela said...

sounds like a FAB time! Congrats to your sis for doing it too! how great is that doing things all together!?!

KatieFeldmom said...

Look at you go!!!
Excellent time!!!!!!!
Way to go!!!!!!!!!

Dori said...

That's a fabulous race time, Irene. Congratulations! Congrats to your siblings and hubby, too.

I was looking at the RNR marathon course at the Garmin website and it looks like there's a mother of a hill at miles 7-10. Is that right?

Donna said...

Nice job! So pretty of a run too, right at the shore. I'm still not running, grrrrrrrrrrr......

Irene said...

Thanks! It was a good day!

Ummm, I did okay. My brother is the speedy one. Thanks for your encouragment -- It's greatly appreciated! :)

Actually, I booked it down hill at the start, my m/m for mile one was 8:00 -- probably not the smartest thing to do but I figured I would drop time going up hill at the end. It was great havng my siblings there. Thanks for your support, Anne. It helps. Really.

It's hard to do things with my siblings because my sis is in Chicago and my brother is in Northern Ca. It was the one thing we've always talked about doing, finally did it.

La Jolla was the perfect place for us to run a 5K together. It was a wonderful morning.

The hill (Miles 7 through 10) on the SDRNRM route isn't as bad as it looks on the site. The incline is more gradual than the graph looks. Moderate hill training helps. I'll get more into that in my next post.

Thanks so much! It was pretty. The shore broght back memories. :)
Take care and heal. I'm sure you'll be back to running soon.