Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time Is On My Side

I haven't written much about running or the marathon lately. I suppose not running and shifting my thought process to salvage marathon day has changed my thoughts about everything running at the moment.

Because I've had no choice but to be somewhat sedentary this past week, I've had time to really reflect on my fitness goals. Here's what's been RUNNING though my mind:

1) Weight training goals. I've really slacked off of weight training this year, and that slacking surely has something to do with not feeling as strong over all. I've had tendinitis issues which have prevented me from going all out, but it really isn't an excuse to slack. Before running became my passion, I was so into the weight training and gym thing. I was a gym rat and was there as soon as the doors opened so that I could get in my workout before going to work. There was actually a point where I could have taken the weight training a step further than for just my own fitness, but running entered the equasion and it did something for my pshche, sort of like thereapy. Running won out. I know I can become a better, more efficient runner if I work more appropriate weight training into the mix.

2) Running goals. Is it so far fetched that I, a C+/B- runner, could possibly qualify to run in the Boston Marathon? It's not as far fetched as I once thought it was. In theroy, being a female and in the 50 to 55 age group next year, and running in a USTAF certified marathon in 4 :05 hours or less, I could qualify. This year I was runing with the 4:30 people in our track club and easily kept up. That's about 30 minutes off any time I did last year. In theory, if I kept up that kind of progress, I could see a BQ in about 2 years or less. Could my new goal for the 50's decade, starting June 9, 2009 - my 50th birthday, be my decade to run in the Boston Marathon? The answer is yes. Could I do it before I turn 60? Perhaps. Did I just write 60? *gasp* I haven't even had my 49th birthday yet.

Both weight training and running goals will only work when I'm completely healed, and I hope I'm not sidelined for too much longer. I am working out, though, with VERY light weights and my body weight exercises, just so my body doesn't get surprised when I do get back into more intense activity.

First things first. Heal, already.

Yesterday's Song:
Pretty and the Fair - Jessie Colon-Young & the Youngbloods



barbie2be said...

the stones?

i feel lately, like time isn't on my side. here it is 17 days since i slipped and fell and i am still in the same amount of pain. :(

good luck with your healing.

Michelle said...

Let's hear it for healing! I like the sound of the Boston Marathon. Hey, if you're going to go for it then GO FOR IT, right? I think you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that would be just SO awesome for you! Running the Boston If anyone can do it, YOU can! I say definitely GO FOR IT!

I'm thinking healing thoughts and sending them your way!

havlow said... *swings the golden watch in front of your eyes*

Irene said...

Winner!!! It so sucks big time. They say 6 to 8 weeks to heal. I hope you'll be OK.

I sort of put it out there just to see what I could do with a goal like that. Hey, I won't know unless I try. Right? Thanks for your vote of confidence!

It would be so cool. I just have to be realistic about it and give myself a few years to work on it. It's not gonna happen overnight. Thanks for cheering me on! And thanks for healing thoughts!

Thanks!!! Sounds like a good mantra... I'm sleepy now...