Saturday, May 31, 2008

Perfect Day

Today was the expo for the marathon. I picked up my race number and t-shirt, but not timing chip. I'll be at water station #17, which is located at mile 23.5, right where people water or encouragement most. I was able to meet with Dori, and it was wonderful to see her once again. I'm hoping to see her as she runs by... I'm actually pretty excited about tomorrow, since I get to watch most of the runners go by, including the elites. I rarely see the elite runners, since they're probably finished and back at their hotel by the time I'm done with any race. We also attended the pasta dinner. It's funny how different everyone looks in regular clothes. We ususally know people by how they look in their running gear. I'll update about the marathon in a day or two.

Yesterday's song:

Have A Nice Day - Bon Jovi - Simply Pink



peter said...

Dori sent me over to your blog. How terrible what happened to you! But you have a great attitude. And you're not down, you're out on the race course even now! Good for you, you'll be back at full throttle! (That was an unbelievable story that your husband had his car impounded even as you were calling him to come home. Don't CHP have Driving on Expired Plate tickets that you sign and go on your way?)

Take care, and hurry back!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fanastic time!

So glad your stitches are out and that you are healing well.

That picture of you and Evan....WOW! YOU LOOK HOTT FROM BEHIND, GIRL!!!

Irene said...

Hi Peter,
Thanks for stopping by! I had a good day at the race course and I was able to see Dori run by! I'll be back at it in no time! Thanks for the kind words!

I'm tired, but I did have a good time! I was able to watch all of my running friends go by! :) Thanks for the compliment!