Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Get Your Number

We've received our marathon numbers in the mail today -- not the actual number that's pinned to the shirt but just the number, sort of like a final confirmation. I got a good number and corral assignment. I'm about 6 starting corrals up than I was last time. I know I can't speed the healing process, and I'd doing everything the doctor and my chiropractor has suggested, but, damn, this is one of the best corrals I've been assigned to. It's still way up there but it's better than year's past. I have #14. Oh well. Michael is in the corral I was in last year, which is #20. Non runners, are you confused? At larger run events such as the Rock 'N' Roll events, you're assigned a corral number based on your estimated finish time. It theoretically puts you in an area with runners who run about your pace, that way you're not having to weave in an out of slower runners or worry about getting trampled by faster runners. The race officials aren't too strict about where you start, as I see several numbers mixed in all the time, but I would guess it matters if you're an elite runner or have a much faster pace than the average Joe. It's also a matter of race etiquette to be in the correct corral, but I've never seen anyone make a big deal if you're supposed to be in corral #22, but you just happen to be in corral #19, just so you can start the race with your friends. Any how, I finally get a decent placement but have to back off my estimated finish time. I've said I was OK with backing off or going for a DNS, but the placement number just sort of slapped me in the face today. It was a major reality check for me.


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FV Tom said...

Thanks for explaining that. I was wondering if we needed to break ou the lariat or something!

KatieFeldmom said...

*coughcough* The CA Intl Marathon is in Sacramento. *coughcough*

I didn't know that about corral numbers, but it makes total sense!!!

Irene said...

Sometimes I go on about stuff and everyone says "huh?"

Yep! And it's not as big a race as the SDRNR Marathon. :) Gee, I wonder who lives up that way??? LOL...