Saturday, May 24, 2008

American Television

I guess if there is a bonus to having some down time is that I've been able to catch up on a little DVD watching. I watched 27 Dresses and Meet the Fockers. As far as regular/cable TV goes, I'm finally all caught up on this season's Top Chef. I'm not a big TV watcher, so this was a lot for me. Reading a book is a little more complicated because my mind isn't quite all there yet, especially with the meds. I'll start to read and find my eyelids getting heavy. Even magazines put me to sleep.

Today would have been the last track club run before the marathon. My husband went. He mentioned that it was a bit on the chilly side for just standing around, but perfect for running. The group even encountered a little bit of rain towards the end of the run. I had mixed feellings about not being at the last long run, but I was better off staying at home.

This afternoon Anne stopped by for a visit. We compared notes, as she had gone through a similar injury. She was forunate to not have to go through surgery. Just seeing how Anne is doing now gives me hope about my own running, as she has recently returned to running in events. Both my husband and I enjoyed Anne's visit today. We always enjoy seeing Anne. It was great for me to see a running friend, and it was a good time for my husband to take a break in his busy day.

Yesterday's song:
I'm Walkin' - Fats Domino - Barbie2be



KatieFeldmom said...

Just checking in to see how you're doing.

Anonymous said...

Yup, if I want to fall asleep, just give me a book. Doesn't matter if I've just woke up or not. I used to be able to read for hours. Don't know what happened? Age? Glad you had a good visit with your friend. Friends are priceless during this time. Glad you're catching up on some of your shows too. Something good must come out of this. SMILE we are all wishing for a quick recovery!

Irene said...

Thanks! I'm hanging in there! Thanks for checking in on me. :)

It's so weird to have that sudden urge to sleep when I start reading. I'm normally not like that, and the book I want to read looks really good! I've had a lot of support through this, and it shouldn't surprise me because I wasn't expecting anyone to do anything for me, but it has been wonderful to receive so much love. You're right. Something good will come out of this. Thanks so much!

Anne said...

Hey, anytime Michael wants to make that guacamole again, I'm there! It was a wonderful visit, and I'm glad I can serve as inspiration. You're already way ahead of where I was on the healing front, so I predict great things for you. Another SDTC runner named Beth suffered the same injury, and now she's WINNING shorter races.

Irene said...

Next time we'll have him whip up some margaritas to go with that guac. ;) Thanks for the encouragement.