Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Space Between

From Evan's perspective

Yesterday's Song:
Time Is On My Side - The Rolling Stones - Barbie2be



Anne said...

Oh no, is he still swiping the good camera?! Actually, he's got a good eye.

And I think I've got this one: Dave Matthews Band. Go me!

KatieFeldmom said...

Finally catching up.

#1: Happy Belated Mother's Day.

#2: I hope your recovering and taking it easy. And I think it's so awesome that you are thinking about the BOSTON MARATHON!!! WOW!!!

#3: So sorry about the runner/cyclist accident. Hope both parties are on the road to recovery.

#4: Seeing your pictures of Disneyland is getting me so excited for our 1st family trip in June. So 40" is the starting height for most rides? Brian better grow an inch in 30 days then.

Erin said...

Yay for Boston! You can TOTALLY do it :D

Irene said...

There were also a lot of thumb pictures... LOL... Winner!

For most of the rides, a child has to be about 40 inches tall with shoes on. Evan just hit that mark.
The only ride he couldn't get on was the Indiana Jones ride -- he had to be a little taller for that one.

It could still happen, but not in the time frame I first anticipated. :) Good to see you posting again.