Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Here's this year's group photo of this year's San Diego Track Club! Not everyone is in this picture, as several have been sidelined with injury or could not be there for the picture. Bonus points if you can find me! LOL. Hint: I'm holding my sunlgasses in my right hand. Double click on the picture to enlarge.

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed (in my full length mirror) how swollen my legs really are. I realized this is from the surgery and will take time to go down, but last night my legs looked like they were from 30 pounds ago! My legs looked like tree trunks, and not of runner's legs. *sigh* I have't gained any weight. Swelling is a normal part of this process, but it is still a shock to see absolutely no definition in my legs, just straigh up and down, and pudgey. I know I'll get everything back, it's just a matter of time -- time and patience.

Yesterday's song:
Work In Progress - Mary J Blige - Barbie2be



Michelle said...

Would that be zz top?

I found you in the picture right away! Of course your clue helped. You sound like you're taking this all in stride, handling it very well, much better than I'd be at this point. Still considering volunteering at the race?

Dori said...

Well, I finally got to your blog to see about getting together at the marathon and I find you're injured! I can't believe it and I'm so sorry I haven't been here before now. You sound like you have a great attitude, which I admire. I went through your blog posts to find out why you had leg swelling; a hip fracture was the last thing I expected you to have, since you're so good about weight training. What a drag! I'd like to get together with you at the expo, but I'll understand if that's beyond your capability. It's nice of you to volunteer.

Anonymous said...

Yup, noticed you right away too! Great picture!

Yes, you must heal and then you'll be right back where you were to begin with. Hittin' it hard and runnin' fast!

barbie2be said...

is that you in the back row?

you should have seen my belly after my laparscopic gall bladder surgery. i looked like i was ready to give birth to a baby whale.

Irene said...

I'm alreadly signed up to volunteer. I'll be at the 23.5 mile water station.

I'm still attending the expo. I still want my race number and t-shirt. :) Besides, Michael is still running and he needs to be there. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

I had to do something to stand out, even just a little. I'm so short anyway, and we barely made it into the picture!

Yep, that's me - left side in the back with my arm up. I was expecting the swelling in one leg, but not in both! Oh well. This, too, shall pass!