Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I found this one on the lovely Cherie's blog...

Google in your name and your needs.

Here's what I got:

"Irene needs a skirt or two." If you say so. I really need more running socks.
Off The Rack

"Irene needs a refill on her medications..." Well, if you count Elidel cream for eczema, well, then, yeah...Pill Bottle

"Irene needs to make a decision: should she try to lose weight with a diet program again or should she see the psychologist?" Perhaps a diet psychologist? What The Hell?

"Irene needs a purse..." Kate Spade or Coach would be nice.
Shopping 2

"Irene needs to raise 4500.00 euros." Don't we all?

"Irene needs more "personal psychic details" so she can complete my Personal Forecast & Life Development Chart." Sure thing. I'm on it.
Crystal Ball

"Irene needs a friend." There's always room for more friends.
Beach Party

"Irene needs adventure like most of us need air."

"Irene needs all the moisture it can get in the current environment it has. Chances for anything more than that are too low to really mention." Hmmm... I was a tropical front!

Irene needs another "Paris." Well, if you count the Las Vegas Paris, then, I could even deal with that... Never been to France.
Eiffel Tower

Need A Hug


Melissa said...

LOL Those are cute! Love the icons you add. Hmmmm, I need new running socks too. And a coach purse would be nice ;)

leslie said...

Hey friend from Pink Dumbbells --
I found you through a comment on another weblog. Very impressed with your marathon completions! My first one will be December of this year.
And maybe you do need a skirt. I bought a running skirt online yesterday. (I was bored out of my mind and feeling trapped with all the boy energy in the house!) I'll let you know how it works out and if it's as cute as the website pictures.

Chérie said...

Wasn't this fun? Yours is especially cool with all the smileys! I just love the tropical front guy.

That's such a great thing to hear about your sister- she's blessed to have your influence.

By the way, we have a family friend with a bakery in San Diego- Chewy's. We've been hearing about his specialty "Rugulach" and he sent some for wedding yesterday. I don't really like pastries, but these were unbelievably good. Just an FYI for a free day splurge!


shpprgrl said...

I need do that! How fun! ...and I need a Coach/Kate Spade too!

Angie said...

Does the Elidel work well for you? I too have eczema and the stuff I'm using isn't working so well :( Of course, my stress level is at an all time high so that's not helping either.

chantal2bfit said...

Great list! Looks like Cherie has started a trend. I would like a new Coach/Kate Spade purse too! There's one Coach purse I had my eye on. But I'm also thinking about this Louis Vuitton bag. I know, it's bad!

Irene said...

I always need socks... You know how that dryer always eats them up!

I know you! Thanks for visiting! :) Congratulations on training for your first marathon this year! As for the skirt, ironically, I bought one the day before I posted my "needs" according to google... I hope yours is as nice as it is in the picture!

Now I just HAVE to look for Chewy's!!! My sister never used to ask for my advice on anything, so I was stoked!

It's always great to have a nice purse. ;)

Elidel works slow, but it works. The doctor gave me an Rx of it because hydracortosone cream can thin the skin after time and I need to have something for around my eyelids... that's where I get my excema breakouts when I've had too much dairy...

Yep, Cherie did start a trend! It's a fun one! Okay, go for the purse! :)