Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Hello Lover!"

WHAT?????? I'm talking about shoes.... Sheesh!

I have an upcoming event to attend in August. It's Michael's 30th high school reunion. Yeah, we're THAT old... I purchased a multi-colored, wrap around, silk dress with beads for straps, and it has a handkerchief hem. I purchased the dress MONTHS ago, on line, just in case it would take a while, and it did. Now that the dress is here

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and it fits, I needed shoes to match. I tried to order shoes on line but my size was not available. I waited too long...

Yesterday I went out shopping. I've spent a lot of time working retail in the early years of my marriage and it pretty much took away the thrill of shopping. Shopping just doesn't float my boat. I made my way to DSW shoes. This store has a bazillion shoes. It's overwhelming. I found my discontinued Asics there, but they still weren't marked down enough. I found shpprgrl's Keds flip flops... I finally went down the high-heeled, evening shoe and strappy sandal aisle. I found a silver pair of Manolo Blahnik knock offs, like the ones Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) is admiring in the picture above. Suddenly, there's the shoe I'm looking for. I see it up high, just down the aisle. It's the right color, in red, high heeled and strappy, and in my size. Perfect. Then I see a red, pointy toed pump, High Heels perfect to wear with my jeans that I'm too lazy to hem up. Hmmmmmm, that might work. I sit down and take off my old Nike running shoes to try these heels on. It's never good to try on high heeled shoes a few days AFTER running a marathon. I could barely stand up... My left ankle is sore Ouchand my toes on both feet felt squashed... I've been wearing flip flops and old running shoes since the marathon because my feet are still a little puffy... Should I check the sensible shoe aisle? NOPE... I purchased both pairs of shoes AND a pair of pink Nike flip flops. My feet should be recovered by August, just in time for the reunion... I hope.Perplexed

Heart In Hand


shpprgrl said...

There is nothing like DSW. That store is great! You found my! You know exactly what I've been parading around in down here. They are quite comfy. I'm taking the skechers gel ones back by the way. They were only $10, but are much too heavy and bulky.

Anyway, you will be a knockout at that reunion. All the other girls will be having that 'I wish I looked like her' thought! Take plenty of pics when it gets here!!

Chérie said...

It's been a few days since I've been able to post or comment, but I still wanted to say I think the marathon pictures are great! Do you get one of you running, like Melissa's? I like the ones capturing the runners in the moment.

My father-in-law does his entire garden from seeds. It's a huge project. He grows everything. The broccoli is almost ready! I hate waiting for the corn.

Gorgeous dress! Love your shoe shopping narrative, I liked following your thought process :)

KatieFeldmom said...

I love that SATC episode.

FV Tom said...

Well, not sure what to say about shoes and dresses and the like! Best just to keep my mouth shut (or, my keyboard silent).

Hope you have a great weekend!

Irene said...

I wanted something other than the little black dress. ;) I just want to look good for my hubby. ;)

I couldn't post or comment, either.
I just received the link to the marathon photos this morning. I'll try and post those soon, provided I can log in to post.
My grandfather did his entire garden by seeds as well, but he would grow everything you can think of. I'm not going to go THAT big. He and my grandma used to can everything. I just want to have fresh garden veggies to use as I take them from the garden. :) I really like the dress, too. ;)

We don't have HBO, so I purchased each season of SATC as they came out. Now they're on regular cable in reruns. Oh well. It's a good rainy day, paiting the toe nails show to watch. :)

You are a very wise man... :)