Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Achilles Tendonitis


"What is Achilles Tendonitis?"

"The Achilles tendon is the large tendon at the back of the ankle. It connects the large calf muscles (Gastrocnemius and Soleus) to the heal bone (calcaneus). This tendon can become inflamed through overuse as well as a number of contributory factors.

It is estimated that 11% of all running injuries can be due to Achilles tendonitis. The Achilles tendon has a poor blood supply which is why it is slow to heal."

Just Peachy. I think I may have Achilles Tendonitis in my left foot/ankle... Of course, I have yet to see a doctor, but I'm pretty sure that's what he/she will tell me... It's not painful, I just have a constant dull ache.
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The bad news is that I'll have to put off running and just about all forms of cardio for a while, perhaps a month or two, IF it is what I think it is.

The good news is that I can do circuit training to get my heart rate up.

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FV Tom said...


chantal2bfit said...

Yikes! Take it easy on the foot for now. Maybe it's not as serious as tendonitis and you'll be back to running sooner.

I did not read the Marathon Generation! That's really interesting. Maybe there is still a chance for me to run a marathon!

Pamela said...

Hi there..just popping in to say HI..funny I keep seeing you around & don't feel I "know" you enough" to comment... so now it's all different ! ~lol
& besides I've Got the "heart sisters' as a sound Track to my childhood so & knew right away where the Magazine smiles" were from.... Neat you got to see that !! Hope the tendon is ok... I'm finally getting referered to specialist about my stupid ankle which has prevented me from running for AGES.. ..Us nurses make rotten Pts & I know I didn't let it heal properly I guess..
please do that favour for your self!

Evelyne said...

Hi Irene, I really hope that your foot/ankle heals fast and that it doesn't prevent you from running. I know that it's something you love to do. All I want to know is why does it seem that when we get on a roll our bodies betray us?

Donna said...

I feel for you. Been there, done that, not with that specific injury, but plenty of other, ugghh! I hope that it's not that and that you're back to running real soon.

Irene said...

It's not hurting THAT much, but it's constantly reminding me that it's there...

I'm taking it relatively easy... The article was interesting. I guess people aren't slowing down at a certain point like they used to. That's a good thing!

Hi Pamela!
Thanks for visiting and I hope you stop by again soon! I've been a Heart fan since high school. I wish I could belt out a tune like Ann does but I wasn't blessed in that department... I'm hoping the tendon is just still recouping from the marathon. It was bothering me a little prior but it felt like it was on the mend... I guess I need to get it checked. Until then, I'll just RICE it when I can and concentrate on weights... I hope your ankle is doing better!

There you are! Glad to see you back! Any way, I think, sometimes, injury is just part of the path, especially in endurance training...

I hope it's not that bad, either. I've had tedonitis in this foot before, but in the arch... It kind of has that same feeling. Time off will help, but I hope it's not too much time...