Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Yesterday I went swimming instead of running. I swam several continuous laps for a good 30 min. I hadn't swam laps in ages. It felt good. The only thing is that I need to remember to bring a soap or fragrancePerfume (like the tangerine spice one Bath and Body Works makes) that will cut the smell of the overly chlorinated pool water at the gym... Even after showering the chlorine lingers. :crazy:

I was invited to yet another lunch with a different set of friends today. They chose the little Italian place near where we used to all work.... I don't remember if there's anything not pasta or cheesy pizza on the menu, besides salad... This will be interesting.

Reality Check:
Pizza Pie
I can resist temptation of cheesy pizza... I can resist temptation of cheesy pizza... I can resist temptation of cheesy pizza...

Things that went right: (Yesterday)
*Swam laps for 30 minutes at the gym pool.
*Eating/water was on track.

Things that need improvement:
*My left foot is a little sore from yesterday's swim... Not sure what I did but it's the left foot that was having some minor issues pre-marathon. I need to R.I.C.E.
*Fit in some sort of LBW today. I need it.

PeaceRolly 2


Miss Fit said...

You are stronger than the cheesy pizza. =P

Good job on the laps. Swimming is so hard for me.

Hope your foot feels better.

xo, Rachel

Irene said...

Pizza diverted! We ended up at Chili's instead... I could make better choices!

Melissa said...

Great job Irene!!! Cheesy pizza is SO hard to resist, for me anyway!
I wish I could swim laps like that, what a great workout. I've never been a great swimmer. You should try a triathalon sometime, I'd love to if I could only swim better! LOL

sister smile said...

Pizza I can do without, but it's really annoying to end up taking orders from a cookie.

Swimming. . . why haven't I thought of that?? Must give this some thought. Thanks for the inspiration.

FV Tom said...

Did somebody say pizza!?!?!?

Glad you got to go to Chili's instead.

Hope your foot is feeling better.

Chérie said...

I second Melissa! Let's follow your journey to a triathalon now.

Irene said...

I have dairy allergies, but I still adore pizza... I can swim but I'm not up to what I would need in a triathalon...

Sister Smile,
I love being in the water, even though I'm not the best swimmer. I know enough to get myself across the pool and back. ;) My dad had a pool installed when we were growing up.

I said "Pizza!" :) The place were were supposed to go to has the best pizza... At least Chili's has a menu I can work around.

I'm not there yet! Maybe one day... That can be on my "Things to do before I turn 50" list...