Tuesday, June 06, 2006

In Retrospect

Above are pre-race pictures. On the left is me with our dear friend Sam. In the middle is me with my hubby Michael. On the right (in case you haven't guessed) is Michael and Sam. Notice the fog in the background. Notice how cheery and excited we look :) I'm still waiting for the post marathon pictures my friend Rich snapped as we were resting. Happy

After last year's marathon my weight topped off at over 130 -- probably somewhere around 132-135 with all the carb loading and water retention. It took about 3 weeks to lose a good 7 of those pounds, and 12 weeks after that to bring it down to 120... This year I paid closer attention to nutrition and made better choices, like cutting out alcohol for the last month and a half of training. This morning I weighed in at 127. Yay. If I plan things right, I'll be back down to 120 in less time than it took last year. I know it doesn't sound like much weight to lose, but for me it's the difference between fitting into the majority of my clothes and not. I got rid of all of my big clothes after I lost the initial 30 pounds 6 years ago. There's no going back.
I'm already walking like a normal person this morning. The sorness in the calves have diminished tremendously, but they're still a little tight. Last year it took me well over a week to feel normal again.

Weight training starts again on Monday, plus some moderate running. I have the 4th of July 5K next, and my goal is to have a sub 9 minute mile pace for a post marathon event. I think I can do that.

I'm headded out to the "new" old house for some touch up paint work and to water.



sister smile said...

Excellent race. Congratulations on a job well done. Good on you for getting back to the gym next week, too. Weightlifting: the best crosstraining ever.

Miss Fit said...

I love the photos! For some reason I imagined you being really tall - like 5'8" or 5'9"... unless Michael and Sam are gigantic, you're not as tall as I thought you'd be. =D

Congrats on hitting 127. You'll be down to 120 in no time.

CANNOT wait to see the other photos.

xo, Rachel

Irene said...

Thanks Sister Smile! Weights help to keep everything else in order... I'm looking forward to getting back at it!

Rachel(Miss Fit),
I am 5'3"... Hehehe... No one ever thought I was tall before. ;) I've always been the shortest one in grade school... When they lined everyone up by height, I was always first in line. It wasn't until junior high that it started to even out and I actually passed a few of my peers up in height...
The event photographers took random photos, and we can look those up by bib number, but they haven't been posted yet.

Melissa said...

Reading your posts makes me want to run a marathon. I've never thought I could, but then again, I never thought I could run a 20k either. It's crazy how after doing the one race, I really want to do more. It just gave me such a great high and sense of accomplishment. I just wish I had a friend who would do it with me. I'm not the total "go out and do it alone" type. I don't have problems training alone, in fact, I kind of like it. But I would love to have a friend to join in on the whole "race day" atmosphere. It really is a lot cooler than I had imagined.
Again, great job Irene. Funny, I was thinking of you too (when I finished)...thinking "I don't know how anyone could go any further than this!".

shpprgrl said...

Hip Hip Hooray! I knew you could do it! You did a great re-cap too by the way. I can imagine those cold towels were great! Great job!

Irene said...

Join a group like Team in Training. They have meetings and training groups. I saw an Iowa group running on Sunday. ;)

Thanks Shpprgrl!
The towel people gave my hubby a few extra towels... Those were the best! It was sort of funny, though, to see people just walking around with those on their heads. :)

Donna said...

That's great about your weight, you look so tiny already. I ended up giving my leg a break yesterday, I just don't want to push it. I haven't decided whether I'm doing the 5K on Saturday or not, not because I don't think I can do it, but just because the weather is questionable. Today I'm on the treadmill because we're having heavy rain today. That way I can see how it feels too.

Irene said...

I don't like running in the rain either. Good luck on your treadmill run!

Donna said...

6.5 miles today and I'm still standing, so I guess I was successful.

Irene said...

Yay Donna!