Thursday, June 29, 2006


A while back, Angie posted on her blog about needing motivation. This got me to thinking about it because I'm sure all of us need to pull from somewhere for motivation, especially when we really don't feel like doing anything... Here are the questions she asked:
1. What or who keeps you motivated to keep going?
2. How do you schedule your workouts?
3. What or who is your primary means of support?
4. How do you feel when you skip a workout session?
5. Do you maintain your diet/nutrition even when you can't workout?


These were my answers:
1. My before pictures keep me motivated... Ugh... I don't want to go back there... I also set new goal every so often, like for running in events, or even lifting a little heavier.

2. Scheduling workouts depends on, well, my schedule. If I'm working,I usually make the effort to wake up at the crack of dark to work out. If I'm not working I workout about an hour after I eat breakfast.

3. Support... That's tough. Everyone thought I was nuts when I signed up at the gym and started working out. I was very much alone on that. I had do dig down deep to want to do this workout thing and keep it going. I had to find on line support groups to help stay focused, but it would have been nice to have a workout partner or someone on my inner circle of friends and family to cheer me on. (Edit -- I'm slowly finding that people want to join me on run events!)

4. When I skip a workout I don't beat myself up over it. I just go on to the next day and do that day's workout. I never make up missed workouts. I must say that I do feel physically and mentally better when I don't skip workouts. Workout time is my time...

5. I try to maintain my nutrition when I don't workout, but that isn't always the case. I must say that I'm better at maintaining nutrition now than in years past.

Any one else?

Way To Go


Chérie said...

Hope your achilled heals soon! Can a doctor treat it any better than you can with RICE?

These are great queations and your answers are even better. They demonstrate a mature fitness attitude I hope to have someday. This "online support group" has absolutely been one of the keys to my success so far.

Evelyne said...

Let's see.....
1. First off I believe I am my own motivation to keep going no matter what happens. To try and try again and never totally give up. Secondly there are so many 'Blends' that are so motivating to me that I could not list them all.

2. I HAVE to workout right when I get home from work, otherwise it would never get done. (I work overnights so some days it's harder than others.)

3. My main support would have to be my wonderful Hubby. He encourages me and helps so much around the house and makes sure that I am well taken cared of.

4. When I skip a workout session I feel like CRAP. Not only physically but mentally too.

5. What diet/nutrition? Oh, was I supposed to do that on the weekends too???

Great post Irene!!

Irene said...

Having support, even on-line, has been part of what saves me from saying "I'm done and I can't do anymore" ... I am constantly inspired by people who keep on going no matter what, even if it's a struggle.

That's great that your hubby is a great source of support for you. My hubby was slow in the support area, in fact, he became somewhat jealous of my progress when I first lost the bulk of the weight. I was devastated because I thought he would be the one I could rely on for support. He has since come around and runs events with me. :)