Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dreamboat Annie & Other Mussings...

Now, where was I?

I've been staying at the "new" old house since Thursday.... No TV, no computer. In a way it's kind of nice, but it makes it hard to update and be accountable...

After spending and entire day working on several projects at the "new"old house, Michael actually forced himself to leave work early and we went a concert. We saw 'Heart" at the San Diego County Fair (AKA: Del Mar Fair) This time we had awesome seats on the floor level. They did a "Who" song "Love, Rain On Me" that knocked our socks off, in addition to their own standards, like "Barracuda," "Crazy On You,"Magic Man," etc...
They closed with "Dreamboat Annie."
That's the song I got my blog title from:

"Heading out this morning into the sun
Riding on the diamond waves, little darlin' one

Warm wind caress her
Her lover it seems
Oh, Annie
Dreamboat Annie
little ship of dreams

Going down the city sidewalk alone in the crowd
No one knows the lonely one whose head's in the clouds

Sad faces painted over with those magazine smiles
Heading out to somewhere won't be back for a while"

Since this concert was at the fair, we had to venture out into the food area after the show... We actually found some decent food, not greasy... An Chinese chicken bowl with rice and veggies... Michael broke down and just HAD to get a cinnamon roll... I had a bite...

I actually ran! I ran in my "new" neighborhood, and ran down part of the marathon route, which is a couple of blocks away. I didn't realize how short a distance that is from the house so I had to run around a couple of blocks a few times to make at least 2.5 miles.... I spent more time working at the "new" old house... I can now put my car in the garage, plus, I got to use the power tools... Hey, I put up brackets for the curtains! John (from Muscletank) ended up working longer than he had expected and didn't get return as soon as he was anticipating, and he had tickets to the Padres game, SOOOOOOOOOO we didn't get together. Sorry, no pictures BUT he will be back here at some point in the near future and we WILL get pictures. If there's any consolation, he looks awesome. Michael and I spent the rest of the day moving bricks from a pile in the patio to a walk way in the garden area while there was still sunlight... That was my bicep workout... PS...Oh, and Erik finally got his driver's license...

The electrical contractor came over and we're gonna have grounded outlets! Wooohoooo! In addition, new phone connections, cable wire, and everything else will be wired to bring the house up to code... I had one of my 5k event T-shirts on (perfect for doing yard work) and the electrician noticed it and started asking questions about running. Turns out that he runs and participates in the "America's Finest City" event (half marathon) in August. In addition, we signed the contract with the painter. Yay! Later on, Michael and I attended an Andy Warhol exhibit/reception at the museum. They served wonderful food that was actually "clean" but there was the desserts.... They had these brownies, and well... ya know... they *were* chocolate.

Not sure what today has in store, other than visiting Lowe's for a washer and dryer, look at ceramic tiles and bathroom vanities. Michael wants to take his folks out for dinner. I think I'm gonna pop. Most of my working out will have to do with the "new" old house.

*I need to have REAL workouts and get back to eating clean again.
*I need to make a photo copy of the photo copy I have of the "authorized foods" list on my fridge from the BFL book for the "new" old house. Yeah, I know the list but sometimes it's good to have that list staring me in the face.
*I still need to take before pictures.



Miss Rachel said...

Dreamboat Annie is a great album!!! It hadn't occurred to me that that was where your blog name came from.

I plan to get back to REAL workouts this week too. :-)

Melissa said...

YES! All of us, real workouts and clean eating! WE CAN DO IT!!!

shpprgrl said...

Heart! How fun! Those girls can sing! Sounds like the house is coming along. It's great that you got to run at your new place.

Chérie said...

I've been wondering about the blog title, so thanks for the cool explanation. That song is awesome, I just hadn't made the connection.

Are you doing a BFL challenge?

FV Tom said...

I wanna go to the Del Mar Fair! I haven't been there in a long time. It sure is pretty country.

Irene said...

I had a hard time finding a blog title since just about everything was already taken... I still need to get back to a regular workout!!!!

I set foot in the gym today and actually used the treadmill... :) Next is weights!

Heart is one of my favs... I've seen them many times in concert. Ann still has a powerhouse voice... It blows me away every time. :)

I like that song because I can sorta-kinda play it on the guitar. (I'm not very good at the guitar.) I always go back to BFL to get regrounded. It's initially where I started at, with some little tweaks here and there.

"It's where the surf meets the turf." :) We used to go to the fair all the time when the kids were younger.


RainySun said...

Hi~I'm not good at English,and don't know what does "magazine smiles" mean. But i do love this song.