Friday, June 02, 2006

Twice Tagged!!!

I've been tagged by Shpprgrl for one list, and by Melissa for another list... Now I must put on my thinking cap and come up with something for both lists... Hmmmmm.... Thinking

Favorite Things? Tagged by Shpprgrl for this list...I don't know about favorite things, but here's some things...
5 Items in my fridge:
1. 2 half gallon cartons of Silk soy milk, plain
2. A gallon of apple juice
3. Tabasco sauce
4. 4 bell peppers Red Pepper
5. Pre-cooked brown rice

5 Items in my closet:
1. 6 pairs of running shoes Sneaker 7
2. A small plastic drawer set with wheels to hold all of my running clothes.
3. 2 pairs of UGG boots, well one is UGG, the other is generic
4. My Victoria Beckham Rock Republic Jeans that I bought from a friend who bought them on Ebay...
5. My collection of Christmas snow globes
Snow Globe

5 Items in my car:
1. 2 Bottles of Propel fitness water
2. Car seat
3. Driving glasses Eyeglasses 2
4. Emergency running shoes
5. Napkins from Subway

5 Items in my purse:
1. My cell phone Cell Phone 4
2. Tic-Tacs
3. One tangerine Powergel
4. Keys to two houses
5. Black Coach Wallet

*5 + 1 People I tag:
1. Angie
2. Cherie
3. Rachel
4. Melissa
5. Kyra
6. Katiefeldmom

I was tagged by Melissa with this list... Here I go...


I am: Glad I have the ability to run.

I want: World Peace. Really...

I hate: Peas.

I miss: My mom.

I fear: Fear itself.

I wonder: When we'll actually make the big move to the "new" old house.

I regret: nothing.

I am not: great at math.

I dance: if everyone else is dancing....

I sing: best when I've had a couple of margaritas.

I cry: When someone in my family gets hurt.

I am not always: orderly, but I'm not a slob, either.

I make with my hands: really cool shadows on the wall.

I write: with my right hand.

I confuse: how to get around the new neighborhood.

I need: a deep tissue massage.

I should: see about finishing my bachelors degree.

I start: the coffee maker every morning.

I finish: doing most everything I set out to do.

Now it's my turn to tag someone... I tag Tom


Angie said...

Oh you little tagger you ;)

I just posted my list on my lj blog. It was actually kind of fun. And I enjoyed reading yours too.

Miss Rachel said...

Hi. You didn't tag me, but I found your site via Kyra's and I've decided to participate.

Good luck in the marathon!!!

Irene said...

Thanks for playing along... ;)

You can count yourself tagged since I didn't really say which Rachel, but it's all good! The more the merrier! Thanks for the well wishes!


Melissa said...

Hey Irene! You got me, lol! I will get to that soon, promise! :) Thanks for all the support and encouragement, I'm so glad I did it, it feels awesome to be done! I'm thinking of you now, you're going to ROCK tomorrow!! Good luck, and I can't wait to hear all about it! You're going to do great! :)

sister smile said...

Found your blog from Miss Rachel's site. It's great! Good luck in the marathon; I'm sure you'll do wonderfully well. I'm looking for a PR in New York this fall.

Chérie said...

Thinking about your today and cheering you on! I look forward to the update and hearing about all the crazy stuff.

I'm working on the tag. It will be fun.

FV Tom said...

Tag acknowledged! I hate your guts! j/k!

This'll take some work and the next few days will be busy but I will get to it.

hope you're doing well.

Irene said...

Isn't it a great feeling to accomplish something like that? I'm so happy for you! Thanks for your encouragment! It was a great day!

Sister smile,
Thanks for visiting and well wishes! You're doing the New York marathon??? I'll have to keep checking your blog for updates! Good luck with training!

Thanks! I forgot to mention the bands and "dressed up" people in my post, but they were all there and they definetly helped with moralle. :)

Heh, I didn't want you to feel left out... Afterall, that's what friends are for. :) Life is good!

shpprgrl said...

Interesting list! My stuff actually weren't my 'favorite things'...haha! I just have this weird habit of using songs etc. as post titles and that is all I could come up with. I sometimes laugh at the variety of napkins stashed in my car. But they do come in handy!