Friday, June 02, 2006

The carb-loading has begun...

Running Man
I'm getting anxious, plus I'm already feeling a little bloated from the carbs... I checked out the route video last night, just to get a refresher... Click HERE (high bandwith) or HERE (low bandwith)to see the video route. My favorite part of the run was around miles 10, 11,12... running down the 163...

Tomorrow Michael and I will attend the expo to pick up our race numbers and, perhaps, buy an new running hat.

Have a great weekend!



Chérie said...

Good luck and have fun. Well, as much fun as you can have :) You will feel so great crossing that finish line! I wish we could all be there rooting for you.

Irene said...

Thanks Cherie! Oh, this is a fun run. There's bands every so many miles, cheerleaders from the high schools, the cross dressers get all decked out (yes, I said cross dressers) and the "Breakfast Clubs" will be sipping their bloody mary's as we run by... I'm looking forward to it. :)

Miss Fit said...

I watched the video of the course and I'm all full of nervous excitement for you!! That looks like a pretty nice course... I may have to consider it for the future. Maybe next year!???

WHAT did I just say???

Have a great time and GOOD LUCK!

I'll be thinking of you all day on Sunday and can't wait to hear all about the race!

xo, Rachel

Irene said...

Well, you that gives you a year to start training... Hehehehe... The main thing that video course does not show is all the people cheering at the end at MCRD, which is the best thing!


Cathy said...

Good luck Irene!
I know you are going to do great.

Irene said...

Thanks Cathy! It's gonna be a HOT run!