Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Everybody Have Fun Tonight

June ended with a bang. My husband and I went to the Robert Plant/Allison Krauss "Raising Sand" concert (Featuring T Bone Burnett) last night. We purchased the dinner/hotel package and it seemed like a mini vacation. Dinner was fantastic, and we were upgraded to a full suite -- I'm not sure why we ended up with an upgrade, but I'm not complaining. For the concert we had 3rd row, center. I don't ever think we've had seats that good, anywhere. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, and I wasn't sure how the different styles of Robert Plant and Allison Krauss would mix, but this concert ranks up there with one of the best shows I've ever been to. My husband and I are more Robert Plant fans, and we knew little about Allison Krauss, but now we're in awe of her talent. Their voices melded well together, and the on stage chemistry between everyone was amazing. They did a blues-y, slower version of Black Dog and The Battle of Nevermore that knocked our proverbial socks off. They also did a very haunting version of Down to the River to Pray from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? ~ as well as the collaborative songs from the new CD.

Our son went with his friend, and their seats weren't quite as up close as ours, but with a venue that seats 1400 people, every seat is a good seat. Long story, but my son and his friend were given signed copies of the Raising Sand CD... They almost got back stage by accident -- a security guard thought they were a part of the crew, but they were honest and told the guy they were just trying to get to their seats.

We also sat next to a couple who seemed very indifferent to the concert. When I was seated, I made a comment about the great seats, and they just looked at me, and didn't say a thing. During the concert they sat quietly and kept looking at their watches. Everyone else there was dancing, singing some of the songs, clapping, and having fun. Right before the encore, the lady said something like "I gotta get out of here." When they left, the couple that sat on the other side of them said something about that couple being a definite joy kill. We ended up chatting with the other couple and ended up going to the hotel club for a couple of drinks and to talk about the concert, and laughing about the dead-pan couple who weren't enjoying themselves. Third row center seats were wasted. If they didn't like it, they could have given their tickets to someone in one of the back rows who and left. Sheesh. Perhaps they were given the tickets and that type of music wasn't their thing. I dunno.

My husband needed to get something out of the car right after the concert. Our car was parked near the tour bus. A couple of guys saw my husband walking away from our car near the bus and asked him "Dude! Are you the bass player with the band?" Heh. I wonder what would have happened if he said he was? Hehehee.

This morning we took advantage of the hotel swimming pool. I quickly discovered that I need to build back up to swimming, and it wasn't as effortless as I had anticipated. I couldn't do a crawl or breaststroke what-so-ever because of the kicking, but I could do a version of a back stroke and water walk. Water walking simulates running, so I might have to check more into that, and what I need to do to get it right.

Yesterday's song:

Killing The Blues - Robert Plant & Allison Krauss - Barbie2be



AKA Alice said...

Sounds like an awesome night. Good for you...You both deserve it!

Bummer about the other couple who weren't in the same mental-space as you both were...I always wonder about that too (like...why were they there?) Geez.

Oh, and Wang Chung (don't ask me how I know that :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm SOOO glad that you had such a wonderful time, it sounds heavenly. Nothing like a good concert and a great hotel.

I often wonder about people who aren't into the music. I go to alot of concerts and there are always a few that don't seem to be enjoying themselves. Why are they there? One day I'll just have to ask!

Good luck with the swimming!

Anne said...

I've sat in theaters next to those kind of killjoys, so I can just imagine what it's like at a concert. And now Michael must really feel like a *rock star*! Very cool about Eric being mistaken for a roadie -- ha! Must be the hair!!

Michelle said...

Pool running sounds like a good way to start. Get your body moving in similar ways. Since you're training for a triathlon but just don't know it you might be interested to know the kicking is downplayed when swimming for a tri because you want to "save" your legs for the cycling and running. At least that's what my swim coach told me.

I would love to do the tri with you here next year. That would be a blast! I have a tiny place but you're welcome to stay with us too :)

I'm glad the concert was fun. I only go to concerts at small venues anymore. I can't stand the gigantic places. My fave here is The Greek Theater at UC Berkeley, going to see Dave Matthews Band there in August...or is it Sept? I better check. My take? That couple got into a HUGE fight just before the concert.

KatieFeldmom said...

Alison's voice is so unique .... I love listening to her songs when they, ever so rarely, play them on the radio.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so glad you had a great time! I would have loved to make a whole mini vacation out of the concert myself. I saw the June 10th show at Madison Square Garden, it was just simply awesome. I am a Robert Plant fan from way back (gulp! 1977 LOL) and this music suits him just fine, he never sounded or looked better if you ask me. Alison has the voice of an angel. Anyway, thanks for the report, glad you enjoyed!!

FV Tom said...

Sounds like a great evening. Good deal!

NotSoccer Mom said...

sounds fun! swimming is THE best exercise ever. i'm sure you'll be back on track in time.

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
Winner - and I won't ask, but I think just about everyone has that song in their heads. Any time I can get my husband to not talk about work, it's a great time! I don't get some people. Maybe those dead pan people did enjoy the concert, but I have my doubts.

The hotel sort of looks like a tropical resort, so it was like a little get-a-way. As for that couple, if they didn't like it they should have left! I know my son would have loved to sit up closer!

Us, too. We went to a Blue Man Group performance in Las Vegas where it's just about impossible to not participate, and the guy in the row right in front of us did not do a thing, so the people next to him had to do what ever he should have been doing. (It had to do with massive rolls of paper...)

Still, it's baby steps! I'm actually sore from that little bit of swimming yesterday. It really blows my mind how much catching up I have to do. Once I get going, and WHEN I end up doing a tri, I'm sure I'll be grilling you for tips. As for the couple, I didn't get a fight vibe from them. Just a dull vibe. LOL

She was so effortless, you know, made singing look so easy. Truly a voice like an angel.

My husband also saw Zeppelin back in the 1970's, plus we saw Robert Plant a few years ago, and that concert was huge. I never would have guessed that Robert Plant and Allison Krauss would mix so well. Their chemistry was incredible. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Worth the expense, for sure!

I love swimming! I just need to build back up to it, again... like with every thing else. :)

simplypink said...

At first I thought they were an unlikely pair, but when I heard them I loved it. They are great together. I've always liked her. You know concert goers like that always drive me crazy! Why do they always have to find us? They should really just stay home. I'm glad you had a great evening.

Irene said...

I was so glad I snagged those concert tickets back in March. It was a rare occasion that we saw such a great show! I'm still thinking that the couple weren't the original ticket holders, that someone else gave them the tickets so they could have the dinner and hotel stay as well as the concert. Oh well!