Saturday, July 19, 2008

Left Overs

Leftovers from the party? Uh huh. A lot of left overs.

We have enough food left over for another party.

Since we still have some cleaning to do, I'll just leave you with this sunset from a couple of weeks ago. (My husband's point of view.)

Yesterday's song:
To Be A Man - Boston



Anne said...

What a gorgeous shot!

And is it No Doubt?

AKA Alice said...

Awesome photo...

I hate leftovers...dealing with them, eating them...I've just never been a leftover person.

I didn't comment yesterday, but your grandson is just gorgeous.

Irene said...

The photo almost looks too set up, but that for real! Winner!

AKA Alice,
Thanks. I thought so.

I'm not a big leftover person, unless it's pasta.

I think the little guy is gorgeous, too, but I'm biased. Thanks. :)