Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

All is silent on on the Western front. Not much to report on, other than I was actually able to spend some time re-potting some pink zinnias and get in a few loads of laundry. Yes. I lead an exciting life.

In keeping with the July nablopomo theme, I'm supposed to post something about food. I thought this would be an easy theme to keep with, but after a busy couple of days, food is the last thing on my mind. HOWEVER... I just spoke with a friend on the phone and he happened to mentioned that the advertised specials for hot dogs are already sold out at 3 stores. There we go. Hot dogs. Are hot dogs a part of your 4th of July celebration, or do you opt for something else? We have friends who usually have an annual 4th of July bash, and it's always a pot luck and the foods are always exotic. Yes, hot dogs do make an appearance, but Ethiopian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Polish and other various ethnic cuisines show for the feast as well. Just about every type of meat, poultry and fish is represented and barbecued. Hamburgers are surely to be grilled. Tofu even makes an appearance. There's also a bounty of exotic fruits and salads, various desserts to tempt any sweet tooth craving, along with every beverage you can think of. It's quite the party. I haven't heard if they're having a party this year, but I'm sure a barbecue will be a part of my 4th of July holiday, and I can be certain that at least one pack of hot dogs will be grilled.


Here's a link to the Dead Hub that has pictures and a write up about the Robert Plant & Allison Krauss concert we attended on Monday.

Yesterday's song:

Everybody Have Fun Tonight - Wang Chung - Heffer Blog (AKA Alice)



Michelle said...

Beautiful flower. Is that yours? I eat the Kosher 98%FF all beef franks now, when we have them, which is not very often. So is that party this year too? Enjoy, sounds fabulous!

KatieFeldmom said...

Unfortunately, if we go to my parents' house, then yes, hot dogs are what will be served. I'm just not a big fan of them.

Irene said...

Yes, it's my flower, but I didn't grow it from a seed this year. My husband bought a 6 pack of zinnias, just so I could feel like I got in some gardening. Ditto on the kosher franks!

I douse my dogs with chunky salsa!