Sunday, July 20, 2008


This stuff should be illegal. I could eat the whole bag (the large Costco sized bag) all by myself.

In other happenings, without saying too much, my husband and I feel like Geneva, Switzerland. Don't worry, it has nothing directly to do with us. Long story, but let's just say our house is neutral territory, and peace negotiations are pending.

Yesterday's song:
Left Overs - No Doubt - Run-DMZ



Evelyne said...

Um, I can't look at that picture too long or else I'm gonna climb into the computer screen. They look yummy.

Negotiations, huh? Interesting...

Donna said...

Hmmmm....what is going on over there???

While visiting my SIL two weeks ago she had a bag of that stuff. My daughter tried it and really liked it. I decided not to try it just because I didn't want to start buying it at home. I'm glad I didn't now.

Michelle said...

Now I'm curious...What's up? Will you tell us later? Well, at least the chex stuff has 50% less fat :)

barbie2be said...

kelly clarkson?

oh my gosh, that chex stuff really is addicting. it's so not fair. know what else is addicting? ritz toasted chips (sour cream and onion) they have 40% less fat than regular potato chips, no cholesterol and 0g trans fat per serving. and yes, i could eat the whole bag in one sitting if it were open. fortunately for me, its not. yet.

Miss Rachel said...

I will stay far far away from that Chex Mix.

I hope the peace negotiations go well.

Irene said...

When that stuff is gone, there's no way I'm letting another HUGE bag of that in the house.

It's friends who had a parting of their ways, but complicated. The Chex Turtle Mix is yummy. Good choice not testing it!

Perhaps when the situation is all said and done I'll post something about it. Right now it's just a little too touchy. The Chex mix has 50% less fat than chips, which doesn't make eating an entire huge bag any better!

Winner! I haven't tried the Ritz chips yet. Those sound great, too!

Wise woman! So far, everything is going OK.