Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dream A Little Dream

Yesterday my husband and I went to a social work function for his office. We went out for an afternoon at the (horse) races at Del Mar. I'm not much for gambling, and my husband squandered away about $6.00 on a couple of races, but we still enjoyed ourselves. This is the only thing his office does all year long where you actually get to talk to people. The Christmas party is usually noisy and it's hard to recall what anybody talked about since 75% of the staff gets smashed. Any who... It was still fun to scream and yell when the horses went by. I met a few of the newer employees and caught up with a couple of the long time ones. One lady doesn't really work at their office, but she works on a town council with one of the partners. I always see her at these events. She's also a runner and has participated in a few of the same events I've been in. She asked about my injury and I filled in the gaps to the second hand info she received. She asked me if I missed running. It then occurred to me that she has been the only one who has ever really asked me that. I know I've said that I miss running a couple of times, but it was interesting that someone asked if I missed it. I'm not sure why that floored me, maybe because I wasn't receiving a lecture on how dangerous running is. Of course, I answered her with a resounding "yes" and added feeling kind of wistful when I see someone else running on a gorgeous day, wanting to do the same. *SIGH*

Before awakening this morning, I was deep asleep in dreamland, actually having a great dream about running. In the dream I was running some place like Point Loma, through the college area and some of the well-kept neighborhoods. It was a beautiful and clear morning. I was running with a bunch of people, perhaps the track club, and I was also running with my husband. In the dream it occurred to me that I was actually running. I even said to my husband "hey, I'm really running!" It felt good. Then I was jolted out of my sleep to "Mimiiiiiiiiiii... I'm hungry."

In food happenings...
My daughter picked up a package of Veggie Patties at Costco last week. I had forgotten all about these because I sort of went on a Veggie Patties buying spree a long while back and became tired of having them every day. After a long hiatus, I had tried one again, and it was pretty good, and better than I had remembered. I've never grilled one, but they're good for breakfast, cooked in a pan and browned. This is not a low carb food item, but better than some other veggie burgers I've had.

Yesterday's song:
Cake - The B-52's


leslie said...

I had tears in my eyes as I read about your dream. And I never thought to ask you if you missed running, because I assumed I knew the answer. :(

We'll run together someday...

simplypink said...

Like Leslie I assume too. :) I also went on a veggie burger spree and made my family sick of them. We were actually veggie-ing it way before it was cool. ;) I should try this brand. One thing I like about them is that they are such a quick fix and still taste good.

barbie2be said...

the mama's and the papa's?

my sister raises arabian horses in oregon and i have never been to the horse races. i have been to see harness racing though.

Irene said...

I guess what I was getting at (in the blog post) didn't come out right. When I tell people about what happened I start to hear about how dangerous running is and why they don't run (and then they light up a cigarette. DOH!) It took me by surprise that I didn't get a lecture but someone (who I don't see all the time) asked if I missed running. I appreciate your supoort and YES we will run together, and soon! :)

I go through veggie patty phases from time to time. I'm not vegetarian but I like a lot of the recipes.

Winner!!! I love that song. :) I never ever went to the horse races until 3 years ago, when my husband's office started going as a group.

Anne said...

Irene, you are just too prolific to keep up with!

I'm heading to Del Mar in a few weeks and can't wait. Glad you had a good time. I think one reason runners don't ask another injured runner if they miss it is because it's assumed. At least it is for me.

And let's just remember, girl: Dreams do come true. You'll be back in business before too long and Michael will be right beside you.

Irene said...

Prolific? It's called still not being back at work yet... Heh.
Michael made the comment that the race horses are so athletic, kind of like Kenyans. We had fun. Like I told Leslie, the question took be back a bit because I didn't get that lecture. I know how runners are and that goes without saying. Thanks. :)