Friday, July 18, 2008

To Be A Man

Today my grandson says he's a man.

Today is his 5th birthday.

His mommy made his favorite breakfast of pancakes loaded with fresh blueberries (mmmm... fresh blueberries!) and we spent the afternoon playing with his new Hotwheels Crashers set his great uncle and aunt gave him this morning.

Tomorrow is the birthday party.

Yesterday's song:
Everyday - Rascal Flatts, Dave Matthew Band, Buddy Holly, etc... - Katiefeldmom, Barbie2be



KatieFeldmom said...

Happy 5th Birthday to Evan!!!!!

barbie2be said...


happy birthday, big guy! enjoy 5!

Anne said...

Wow, I guess they do grow so quickly! Happy Birthday, Evan!

Irene said...

Katie, Barbie2be, Anne,
Thanks so much for the BD wishes! I think he had a great day!

Michelle said...

A man already! He's so friggin' adorable!

Irene said...

Yeah, a man at 5. :)