Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ready To Run

Not really.

I'm so not ready to run yet. Someone left the front door open, and I was rushing to close it, as a couple walked by with their dog. My dog knows not to go outside if the front door is open, but if another dog is near by she has to run outside and defend her street and confront the other dog. It's not fun. As I was saying, I was rushing to close the front door, and sort of, uh, made like I was going to run for it, but I was quickly reminded that I need more time to heal. My right leg felt lead-like and twinged a little. I suppose it's a good thing that I forgot about my injury for just a moment, and no drugs were involved. I still have a long road of recovery ahead.

Exercise wise, I'm lacking this week. I'm doing the exercises my PT gave me, but that's it. No upper body anything this week, unless I count throwing the ball to the dog, and I did a side-out soccer type of throw, just so I could pretend like I was doing something workout like. I suppose every movement does count, but it wasn't a true workout. My dog burns out before I do, so it's not as if I did a zillion repetitions of those throws.

Thank you for the flavoring suggestions for my dairy free potato leek soup. My Husband came home late last night and had a bowl. I asked him what was missing and he replied "an entire ham," but that comes from a guy who puts salt on everything before tasting. I had a small bowl of the soup for lunch today and it had more flavor than it did yesterday. Perhaps the ingredients needed time to mingle. It had more garlic undertones today. I will experiment with some of the suggestions later on. I still have a huge Costco sized bag of red potatoes to go through and my grocery store always has leeks.

Speaking of Costco, I did the Costco trip first thing this morning. Bananas have returned, but almost double of what they used to cost there. My son found dried cherries and we stocked up on typical barbecue fare for this weekend's birthday party for my grandson. I was thinking of channeling my inner Martha Stewart for this weekend, as I used to creatively make/prepare everything. I honestly don't have it in me to do all that work, so we're sticking with the basics and buying almost everything, ready to grill or ready to eat. I also discovered that Costco brought back Cytosport lactose free Muscle Milk in the 24 pack of individual serving sized cartons, but right around the corner was Cytosport Evopro, the large 2.25 pound cannister, also lactose free. The Evopro was a better deal per serving, and cost way less than if I bought it at a regular vitamin store. So far, the lactose free Cytosport products agree with me. I'm looking to build back some muscle and I need to fit a higher protein ratio in my diet, which is why I'm looking at protein supplements. I just hope I'm able to snag another container of the Evopro before Costco sells out. PS: This stuff is good after a long run or after a hard workout.

Yesterday's song:
Come On In My Kitchen - Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton - Barbie2be



wendy said...

hey! I think I finally know a song - but I can't remember the artist...it was a girl though on the "runaway bride" movie, well, soundtrack I guess, but in the movie...

I'm with your husband, salt on everything. =) but I'm anxious to hear how you perfect this.

sorry you felt the twinge in your leg...hopefully time will pass quickly, and you'll heal very well!

Michelle said...

Is that the Dixie Chicks?

I agree it's a good sign that you forgot about your recovery for a minute before rushing to the door. Means you're not in constant pain and moving okay when walking, etc. I want time to hurry up and pass quickly for you too! You are a runner. You will run again. That's what runners do :)

barbie2be said...

heheheheh... i loved your husbands "an entire ham" comment. i am all about the pig meat. yay pork!

i hate it when my body reminds me that i really am not quite ready for whatever i am doing.

re: today's song, NSM's son used to call them the chickity chicks. :)

Dori said...

I'm sure your grandson will only remember that he had a wonderful birthday party, not how elaborately (or not) the food was prepared. You're smart to keep it simple. Hope you have fun.

I wish you were able to run, too, but I bet you come back stronger than ever.

Irene said...

I'll keep you posted on the soup. I'm not in great pain any more, so a twinge here and there is something I can deal with.

Winner!!! It's amazing how the mind works. I'll run again, just not this week...

My husband's family salts the heck out of everything, in a big way. My husband is all about "the other white meat," too.

I know, but I wanted to do for him what I did for my kids. It was fun. We'll have fun at my grandson's party since we'll be playing in the water. :) Thanks, Dori. Some days I'm great without running, other days I feel lost without it.