Thursday, July 10, 2008

Going Down

My internet was down during the time I was planning to post an actual banana bread recipe, so I called our internet provider for help. I spent at least 30 minutes on hold so I could speak with a real live person. Once I did speak with someone, it took about 20 minutes to fix the issue. I'm done with the internet for today, so I'll just leave you with a picture of what my bananas looked like before they became a part of my bread.

Yesterday's song:
What Is Hip? - Tower of Power - Be A Good One



barbie2be said...

really? are you a yung joc fan? i never would have guess that.

i love nana's for the flavor and texture. sometimes i will intentionally by a bunch and let them sit on the counter to over ripen with the express purpose of making banana bread. my coworkers are crazy for my chocolate chip nana bread. :) that's the good think about being in culinary school while still working. i have lots of willing guinea pigs.

Irene said...

Ummmm, Who?

Chocolate chips would be devine! Mmmmm! The closest thing I had to culinary anything was back in high school, before all the budget cuts. I went to summer school and took a cooking class to get all the basics down.

Michelle said...

Glad your back in the blogosphere :)

Irene said...

Me too. I was also on the phone and on hold today with our internet provider. This time spoke to two different guys at two different offices and was on hold for an hour. *sigh* I read a magazine while I waited.