Monday, September 01, 2008

Stranger In Paradise

Well, OK... I obviously did not adhere to Blog365. I had a few unexpected things going on, such as computers not working, babysitting, and a few social engagements.

My energy levels have been zapped this past week and I'm not sure what's causing the fatigue. That's not totally true -- I'm guessing the fatigue could be an allergy thing. I'm not over eating, I'm just eating the wrong things. Maybe I was pushing it a bit when I thought ice cream would be a good idea -- we were on a cruise in a tropical paradise. We were on a vacation, and the rich vanilla ice cream with cherries just called to me, along with the other dairy based desserts. I did have those enzyme tablets for the lactose intolerant, and since the cruise I've been trying to incorporate some dairy back into my diet. Now I'm showing signs of fatigue and asthma. Bummer. It has to be the dairy. As of tomorrow, I'm back to being dairy free. *sigh*

As the sun sets and the moon rises...

...I wish you all a wondeful September.

Friday's song:
Memory Of Trees - Enya



leslie said...

I'm glad you figured out the problem so quickly. For all sorts of reasons, I LOVE being dairy free. Email me if you want some pretty compelling reasons that dairy free makes sense, beyond feeling healthier, ok?

Irene said...


Thanks for visiting. :) By know I pretty much know what throws off my system. I'm feeling much better already!